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"So I could be alone with my, you know...sweaty...shirtless...shame."
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November 11 2012

Bid on the set for Science Channel's Firefly anniversary special. It's a charity auction. "This is your chance to bring home the table, five chairs and lamps used by the cast and writers when shooting the Firefly Anniversary Special, airing on Science! Made by the production designers who worked on the series itself, take home this homage to Serenity today and be the shiney-est Browncoat ever!" More...

September 26 2010

Adrienne Shelly Foundation once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experiences Charity Auction. Including a Birthday phone call from Bones stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and Castle Set Visit. Nathan Fillion wrote "Wanna come meet me?" .

January 08 2009

Win a half hour conversation with Felicia Day! In order to help Humanety Charity Auction Felicia is auctioning off 1/2 hour with her own sweet self (for conversation). More...

September 26 2005

Joss Whedon donates items to charity auction. FUNDRAISER TOTAL TO DATE: $3824.26. Fans of James Marsters announce Round 8 of auctions items for Hurricane Katrina relief. More...

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