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September 27 2006

All good things: The last ever episode of Cherub. The Angel parody draws to a close with "a very special Cherub Christmas special". More...

June 27 2006

Cherub season 2 trailer. The hilarious Angel parody returns (now with added Edmond the Squeaky).

June 08 2006

Fan films reclaim the Whedonverse. Major feature in Wired Magazine about the current run of Jossverse fan films. Mostly devoted to the Angel parody 'Cherub' but 'Into the Black', 'Mosquito' and 'Forgotten Memories' also get mentioned. 'Cherub' also gets profiled in this Seattle newspaper article as well. More...

May 02 2006

'Cherub' season two coming soon. The success of the first season of the Angel parody series (60,000+ downloads - pretty darn good) has convinced the makers to go for another one. More...

February 17 2006

"Joss and cast wished us good luck with our show," says Barry the Demon Hunter: "The biggest independent sci-fi webshow in the UK." More...

February 11 2006

Cherub episode one - 'Not Helpless, Just Lazy'. If you want a vague idea of what this fan parody is like, think The Naked Gun meets Angel with lots of gin.

February 06 2006

Trailer for 'Cherub' - a vampire with bunny slippers. Parodies of Angel seem to be like waiting for a bus these days. Wait ages and two come along at the same time. Anyhow, the first episode of 'Cherub' should be online this Friday. More...

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