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"Oh, you always so grouchy when you get cut in half."
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September 06 2012

20 of the best closing scenes on television. A list with clips of best closing scenes. Buffy and Angel make the list.

May 23 2010

(SPOILER) "Totally Lost" talks Buffy finale as Lost's own climax approaches. Spoilers as they discuss all of Lost up to tonight's finale of the landmark series. The comments below also discuss the finale in detail. More...

May 11 2010

TV Series Finales: How to Do Them Right. The Buffy and Angel finales are both mentioned in this list from TWoP.

April 30 2006

DST Vamp Buffy, Chosen Buffy and Dawn early review. Michael Crawford's review on the new Dawn and Buffy figures. More...

November 19 2005 has special feature clips from the Chosen box set. A couple of new clips from the special features of the Chosen box set including Buffy: An Unilkely Role Model, plus some we've seen before.

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