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January 06 2016

Christina Hendricks joins "Bad Santa 2". Hendricks will play a new character who runs a charitable organization. Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox and Brett Kelly will reprise their roles. Kathy Bates has also been cast. More...

July 15 2015

Christina Hendricks cast in TV series Hap and Leonard. This 80's set drama will air on Sundance.

December 15 2014

Christina Hendricks cast in Showtime Pilot "Roadies". The show is from writer/director Cameron Crowe.

October 13 2014

Christina Hendricks joins Comedy Central's "Another Period". The show is executive produced and stars "Much Ado" and "Buffy" alumn Riki Lindhome.

August 19 2014

Christina Hendricks in saucy new...... cat food ad! Meow.

January 28 2014

Christina Hendricks in 'Pirate Fairy': First Look. EW has a clip from the upcoming film.

January 23 2014

Christina Hendricks talks Firefly and mostly about red hair. Christina gives a quick little shout out to the cast of the 'verse in a mostly fashion related piece. More...

September 04 2013

Christina Hendricks lands new 'Dark Places' role. Instead of a supporting role, Christina will play one of the leads, Patty Day. Producers offered Christina the role after Samantha Morton pulled out.

August 22 2013

Christina Hendricks Joins 'Dark Places'. In the film adaptation of Gillian Flynn's bestselling novel, Christina will play Krissi Cates.

August 09 2013

'The Pirate Fairy': Christina Hendricks and Tom Hiddleston join newest Tinkerbell movie. Christina will voice Zarina, a Pixie Hollow fairy, and Tom will voice James, who grows up to be Captain Hook.

April 22 2013

Christina Hendricks on April 22nd episode of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart". She's there promoting the new season of Mad Men.

April 10 2013

Christina Hendricks is the May cover girl for Flare magazine. She talks about her character Joan and her upcoming role in How to Catch a Monster, among other topics. There's a video of the cover shoot here.

March 06 2013

Christina Hendricks to star in 'A Book of Common Prayer'. She will play Charlotte Douglas, an American woman, who arrives in a fictional Central American country on the verge of revolution.

August 29 2012

Christina Hendricks set to star in "How to Catch a Monster". Ryan Gosling has cast his "Drive" co-star, Hendricks, in his directorial debut, "How to Catch a Monster."

July 19 2012

Christina Hendricks and Danny Strong get nominated for The Emmys. Christina (Mad Men) got nominated for "Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series" and Danny Strong (Game Change) got nominated for "Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special".

June 19 2012

Christina Hendricks takes home a Critic's Choice Award. This is her second consecutive win for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

June 15 2012

(SPOILER) Christina Hendricks Talks to TVLine. As part of their "Eye on Emmy" series, they discuss recent developments with her character on Mad Men.

June 05 2012

Christina Hendricks nominated for a Critics' Choice Award. She picks up a nod for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. More...

May 30 2012

(SPOILER) GQ interviews Christina Hendricks about her recent poignant Mad Men episode. She shares her thoughts about the episode and her work in the series. (Link contains spoilers about last Sunday's episode)

February 16 2012

Limited Australian cinemas to show 'Company'. Australia will finally get a chance to see the filmed production of Company starring NPH and YoSafBrig! More...

November 27 2011

Christina Hendricks talks tech. Our Mrs Reynolds gets interviewed about the technology she uses in her life, her new video game persona, and how people don't answer their phones any more.

September 16 2011

Christina Hendricks co-stars in "Drive", in theaters now! Not to be confused with Tim Minear's cancelled Fox series starring Nathan Fillion (as if there was just one). Although, I like to pretend the film is a prequel. More...

July 21 2011

Chris Colfer starrer 'Struck By Lightning' adds Christina Hendricks to cast. Christina Hendricks casted in Chris Colfer's new movie.

July 14 2011

Christina Hendricks gets nominated for an Emmy. Seth Green's Robot Chicken got three nominations. More...

June 28 2011

'Game Of Thrones': season two dream casting. The writers at the MTV Movie Blog suggest that Christina Hendricks should play Melisandre and Amy Acker play Asha Greyjoy.

June 20 2011

Christina Hendricks ties for Best Supporting Actress at the Critics' Choice TV Awards. She shares the award with Margo Martindale ('Justified').

May 27 2011

Trailer for the film 'I Don't Know How She Does it' featuring Christina Hendricks. The movie is in theaters September 16th and stars Sarah Jessica Parker. More...

May 19 2011

Missed Neil Patrick Harris in "Company"? If you did, it will be shown at movie theaters for a limited time starting June 15th. More...

April 04 2011

(SPOILER) Christina Hendricks and Marc Blucas to guest star on Body of Proof. Press release for ABC's Body of Proof 1x05, "Dead Man Walking," which airs on April 19 -- Christina Hendricks and Marc Blucas are both credited as guest stars.

March 31 2011

'Mad Men' renewed for two Seasons. Congratulations to Christina Hendricks, Vincent Kartheiser and the rest of the production.

March 16 2011

Wait, I've Seen that Redhead Somewhere. Some sharp-eyed person at the Huffington Post recognized "Mad Men" star Christina Hendricks in a guest-starring role in a little-known, single season, "sci-fi cult classic". What was that show again?

February 23 2011

Christina Hendricks interviewed at the All-Star Superman premiere. Pics of her begin at 0:15, the interview begins at 0:56.

September 17 2010

Christina Hendricks cast as Lois Lane in All-Star Superman. This Spring release will constitute her first animated work.

August 31 2010

Our Mrs. Reynolds makes the cover of Rolling Stone. Christina Hendricks is vamping it up on the latest cover of Rolling Stone with her fellow Mad Man castmates. And now that darn song is stuck in my head. More...

August 02 2010

Christina Hendricks on the cover of the September issue of British GQ. Be sure to pick up a copy, it hits stands this Thursday.

July 09 2010

Christina Hendricks On Her Well Deserved Emmy Nomination. Alan Sepinwall on his HitFix blog has word from our very own Yosaffbridge on accordions, chemistry, why she didn't expect a nomination this year of all years and more.

July 08 2010

YoSaffBridge has gotten something extra from the success of her new gig. Designers are making clothes her size again.
Neil Patrick Harris nominated for two Emmy awards. He got nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series" and "Outstanding Guest Actor In A Comedy Series" i.e his Glee spot. Christina Hendricks got nominated for "Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series" and Seth Green features in the "Outstanding Voice-Over Performance" category.

June 30 2010

Christina Hendricks talks body image. In an interview with Amy Spencer of Health magazine, Christina talks about weight, workouts, and dealing with criticism.

June 01 2010

Mrs Reynolds stars in new Broken Bells video. No, I've never heard of them either. More...

March 25 2010

Nathan makes another top 25 list. Those offended by crude language are warned. ETA: Christina Hendricks and David Boreanaz also appear.

March 10 2010

Christina Hendricks is a (Barbie) Doll. Mattel is making Mad Men Barbie dolls, including one for Joan Holloway.

January 30 2010

Eliza Dushku is no. 60 on's Top 99 Women 2010 Edition. Christina Hendricks also comes in at no. 58.

January 25 2010

Christina's gown "safe and boring"? NY Post compares and contrasts ("and critiques!") gowns worn by actresses who attended both awards ceremonies. More...

January 21 2010

Vote for the dress Christina Hendricks should wear to the SAG Awards. Every vote counts and supports Degree’s donation of $50,000 to Clothes Off Our Back. Hendricks’ red dress will be auctioned off by Clothes Off Our Back after the award ceremony.

November 06 2009

"Mad" about Christina Hendricks. Our Mrs Reynolds talks about her role on Mad Men including what she is learning about the era; ‘Huh, I didn’t realize that they had that kind of stapler then,’ or, ‘I didn’t realize that White-Out was invented by then.’

October 26 2009

(SPOILER) Mad Men's Christina Hendricks on Joan's Big Moment. Brief Q and A with the lovely former YoSaffBridge.

August 27 2009

Christina Hendricks joins the movie "Life as We Know It". The movie shows how two unattached adults lives are changed by the death of a mutual friend. In a somewhat related note, Morena is on the cover of the newest SFX for her role in the remake of V.

August 06 2009

Christina Hendricks Isn't All That Fussy. Esquire interview with Christina Hendricks.

June 01 2009

(SPOILER) Vincent Kartheiser & Christina Hendricks Mad Men Season 3 Promo. AMC-TV has provided a new promo for Mad Men Season 3 to return in August of this year.

April 25 2009

Men, Women and Sex. Christina Hendricks tours her Idaho hometown with GMA weekend. More...

March 12 2009

In beautiful people's Christina Hendricks! I searched Whedonesque to see if this had been posted's Christina Hendricks at the "A Night on the Town with Mad Men" musical revue in Las Vegas in Late January and was posted online at this shameless gossip site in early February. More...

January 09 2009

Buddy TV Lists the 100 Best TV Episodes of 2008. Included are HIMYM, Chuck, Bones, T:TSCC, Dexter, Mad Men, Seth Green's My Name is Earl episode as well as American Dad, and Leverage.

December 15 2008

Christina Hendricks gets engaged. Better check her lipstick.

November 26 2008

Christina Hendricks As a Paper Doll. For those who can't get enough of Mad Men's fashion savvy secretary, a user is now offering a Joan Holloway Paper Doll Poster. More...

November 06 2008

Joan Holloway was in an Everclear video! A bob-cut Christina Hendricks starred in a music video, years hence. Plus, Wink Martindale!

October 24 2008

Our Mrs Reynolds goes from Mad Men to Life tonight. Christina Hendricks takes up her other role on television tonight as the recurring character Olivia on NBC's Life. ETA: Life is on Friday night but if you miss it you can catch it on hulu. More...

September 22 2008

Neil Patrick Harris talks about "Dr. Horrible Sing-along Blog" and "How I Met Your Mother". In related news there's also interviews with Christina Hendricks about her work on "Mad Men" and David Boreanaz about "Bones".

September 03 2008

Christina Hendricks on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Right now - for those of us in the Pacific Time Zone.

July 30 2008

Hollywood 411 interview with our Mrs. Reynolds. The show talks with the always lovely Christina Hendricks about the new season of her series Mad Men.

July 17 2008

Neil Patrick Harris and Danny Strong nominated for Emmys. They got nominated in the 'Supporting Actor In A Comedy' and 'Writing For A Minseries, Movie Or A Dramatic Special' categories. More...

July 16 2008

Mad Men: Season One favorably reviewed at AV Club. This excellent series garners a solid 'A' rating and generates a spirited talk back from the readers.

June 23 2008

Christina Hendricks is IGN's TV Babe of the Day. They say her best work is Firefly, and illustrate their point with a screencap from "Our Mrs. Reynolds." Woah. Good bible. More...

May 30 2008

Christina Hendricks on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. This is for their Summer TV Preview issue, as Mad Men is slated to return on July 27th at AMC. More...

May 04 2008

Christina Hendricks Among People's 100 Most Beautiful. doesn't include a copy in its online version, but you can find a gorgeous pic of her in the "Year of the Redhead" feature in the print version.

May 03 2008

Happy Birthday Christina Hendricks. She turns 30 today. Admit it - it was good for you, too! More...

January 24 2008

See Christina Hendricks interviewed live in Hollywood, Friday 1/25. Christina is among the guests of "Talk Show: The Talk Show," tomorrow at 11pm at the iO West Theatre. All proceeds (tickets are $10) go to the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, which benefits non-writers affected financially by the Writers Guild strike. More...

January 13 2008

Mad Men wins the Golden Globe for Best Drama Series. Woohoo! Congrats to (Whedon alumni) Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks.

December 20 2007

Ensemble casts of "3:10 to Yuma," "Mad Men" and "Desperate Housewives" nominated for Screen Actors Guild awards. Mutant Enemy actors Alan Tudyk ("3:10 to Yuma"), Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks ("Mad Men") and Nathan Fillion ("Desperate Housewives") are part of the ensemble casts nominated in the film and television categories of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Congratulations! More...

October 15 2007

Christina Hendricks gets Fugged. The notorious Fug Girls give our Mrs. Reynolds the once over, and no matter whether you agree with the celebrity fashion critics, there's no denying that the girl can work the red carpet like nobody's business.

October 11 2007

Christina Hendricks talks about her work in Mad Men and Life. She's a regular in Mad Men, which will be concluding the current season in the upcoming weeks and has a recurring role in the NBC show.

July 27 2007

Matt Roush discusses Mad Men. The new show featuring Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks gets some very positive comments in this week's Ask Matt. Joss gets a mention too.

July 22 2007

More love for 'Mad Men,' this time from Salon's TV critic Heather Havrilesky. Vincent Kartheiser and Christina Hendricks have scored big with AMC's Mad Men. This is a particularly glowing review of the first four episodes.

July 17 2007

Free "Mad Men" behind-the-scenes video at iTunes. iTunes is offering a free 23 minute behind the scenes look at the upcoming AMC show "Mad Men" featuring our own Christina Hendricks and Vincent Kartheiser. The show premieres July 19 at 10 pm. (Link requires iTunes) More...

January 29 2007

Big Damn Heroes, blueprints, crowds, and a cheerleader. SerenityStuff goes to the FX con in Orlando and meets Ron Glass, Adam Baldwin and Christina Hendricks. See pics of the actors with fan made dolls plus there's an intriguing glimpse of QMX's Serenity blueprints.

August 14 2006

Whedon alumni in AMC period series "Mad Men" , a series set in an ad agency in the 1960's will feature Christina (Firefly) Hendricks and Vincent (Angel) Kartheiser.

March 08 2006

Our Mrs. Reynolds on "Without a Trace". Christina Hendricks, former Mrs. Mal on "Firefly" will be on the show as an advice columnist who vanishes despite the fact she's been afraid to leave her apartment for two years. Last October, she was seen on CBS' "Cold Case".

February 01 2006

Christina Hendricks at Wizard World LA and Flanvention 2. Christina Hendricks will be joining Booster Events at Wizard World LA on Sunday, 19 March 2006 for photos and autographs. The lovely Ms. Hendricks will also be joining the Flanvention 2 lineup! More...

September 28 2005

GeeksOn podcast on Firefly and Serenity. Christina Hendricks, who plays Saffron, is a guest in this episode. Get this, one of the host of the show, Aaron, is actually Christina's brother. More...

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