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June 25 2008

Saturn Award Winners Announced. Summer Glau, Amy Adams and Drew Goddard's Cloverfield are among those honored. Congratulations to the winners! More...

March 17 2008

Paramount releases dvd cover and early details for Drew Goddard's "Cloverfield". Underrated or overrated you decide, the DVD will be released on April 22nd.

January 22 2008

Fake Cloverfield MySpace Profiles. As part of the marketing for the film, MySpace accounts were created for each of the main characters. Something tells me Hud probably frequented Whedonesque... More...

January 20 2008

"Cloverfield" a monster hit after first weekend. The monster movie written by Drew Goddard pulled down $41 million in its first weekend, which is well above its $25 million budget. More...

January 18 2008

Pics of Drew Goddard at the premiere of 'Cloverfield'. It's great to see Mutant Enemy writers doing so well. And in keeping with the Buffyverse connection, Michelle Trachtenberg was also at the premiere. A round up of reviews for the movie can be found over at Metacritic.

January 16 2008

(SPOILER) Harry at AICN trumpets Cloverfield. This is the first Cloverfield review I found. It focuses on what the producer and director accomplished without mentioning the writer of this amazing film: Drew "Ultimate" Goddard! Hollywood Reporter also has some nice things to say about out Ultimate Drew. They even mention him by name! (thanks, impalergeneral!) More...

November 19 2007

(SPOILER) New Cloverfield Trailer Online. The Drew Goddard penned/JJ Abrams produced monster movie is coming soon and here is the high res trailer to combat the bootlegged one out there. More...

July 09 2007

Official Cloverfield trailer now online. The trailer for Drew Goddard's supersecret project can now be viewed with pristine audio/video quality. Turn off the lights, turn up the speakers, and watch in the dark for best effect. More...

July 01 2007

Drew Goddard Writing A Secret Movie. Drew Goddard is writing a new monster movie for J.J. Abrams' production company Bad Robot, codenamed "Cloverfield." More...

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