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June 23 2016

Funko to bring out 'Vampire Buffy and Vampire Angel' Pop! pack for Comic-Con. This is an limited edition item for Toy Tokyo. The video announcement can be found here.

March 30 2016

Humble Bundle: Buffy and Angel comics. Humble Bundle have a large selection of Buffy and Angel comics available as bundles. Good if you don't already have them. Offer expires in a little under 2 weeks.

October 13 2014

Amazon's Gold Box Deal of the Day - Buffy and Angel Complete Series on DVD. The site is also doing a Joss Whedon Deal of the Week. There's offers on Dollhouse and Firefly DVDs and Blu-rays.

August 11 2014

Two days left for charity memorabilia auction by New Melbourne Browncoats. Please check the link for details. More...

July 16 2014

Titan Merchandise announces Buffy the Vampire Slayer line of vinyl collectibles. This is part of their “Welcome to the Hellmouth” collection with 20th Century Fox set to arrive in December of 2014. More...

June 06 2014

Bid for a pink boxing glove signed by Joss Whedon and the Firefly cast. And when we say cast - we mean Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk, Jewel Staite, Morena Baccarin, Gina Torres, Sean Maher, Summer Glau, Ron Glass and Mark Sheppard. All proceeds (after fees and costs) go to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and the auction ends on June 14th.

May 20 2014

Own a piece of Buffy history! There is a screen used prop from "Once More With Feeling" being sold.

February 16 2014

First Look at Buffy and Firefly Funko POP! Figures. Buffy and Firefly get the cute vinyl treatment in these first images from ToyFair 2014. More...

February 14 2014

First Look at Buffy and Firefly ReAction Figures. The 80s inspired ReAction Figures are now available for pre-order. More...

December 21 2013

Woot! offers a big shiny framed poster! Online discount/deal website Woot! is offering a collection of framed movie posters for more than half off the source company's sticker price! More...

December 20 2013

Rittenhouse: New Buffy Trading Card Set: Sarah Michelle Gellar to sign. Rittenhouse announced a new Buffy the Vampire Slayer trading card set today AND that SMG has agreed to sign autograph cards!

December 17 2013

Funko announces Buffy Pop Figures and Re-Action Figures. The Scooby Gang is getting the cute vinyl treatment!

October 20 2013

Bid for more teddy bears signed by Whedonverse stars. The Project Teddy Bear auctions have returned and there's bears and pics signed by the likes of Gina Torres, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Summer Glau and Nick Brendon. There's also a signed pic of James Marsters. All proceeds from the auctions (after fees and costs) go to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

September 18 2013

Melbourne CSTS Auction. The New Melbourne Browncoats have launched their auctions in support of this years Can't Stop The Serenity event. They have many great items available from many Whedon properties including Firefly/Serenity, Dollhouse & Cabin In The Woods. So head on over and take a look, and remember: Bid Early, Bid Often!

August 30 2013

Quantum Mechanix presents 1:6 Scale Malcolm Reynolds Prototype. The figure, sculpted by Trevor Grove, depicts a younger Malcolm Reynolds at the battle at Serenity Valley. There's no release date or price yet.

August 12 2013

TVLine's Ausiello auctions off tv memorabilia. Amongst the goodies are VHS review copies for 'Hush', 'Once More With Feeling' and 'Not Fade Away'. And the highly collectible Dollhouse Echo action figure (more pics of that here) and a Dollhouse promotional tshirt are up for grabs as well. All proceeds go to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.

July 14 2013

Firefly by Phil Noto. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund will be putting this artwork (signed by some of the Firefly cast) up for auction on the 20th. Angel artwork by Franco Urru will also be auctioned.

June 20 2013

A review of the Agent Coulson action figure (featuring Clark Gregg). A truly wonderful thing to watch.

May 11 2013

QMx is now selling the Browncoats' flag and Mal's dog tags. The dog tags can be found here.

December 08 2012

Lego Firefly Serenity playset now an (unofficial) reality. The set that was originally a huge success on Cuusoo, but rejected by Lego can now be ordered as an unofficial set.

December 01 2012

Original concept art from Firefly, Angel, Dr. Horrible and The Cabin in the Woods up for auction. These are by Shawna Trpcic and provide a unique insight into the shows and the movie (especially the drawing of Joss as Badger).

November 27 2012

Juliet Landau signs items for charity. The Sophie Lancaster Foundation (the auction's beneficiary)combats bullying and violence.

November 23 2012

QMx's Black Friday sale kicks off. There's a fair number of licensed Whedonverse items that have been discounted.

November 20 2012

Twenty-five great gifts for Joss Whedon fans. How many of these items do you own already?

November 18 2012

Firefly's one-time official blogger selling rare crew jacket. Kelly Wheeler -- she of the official Firefly blog in 2002 and your Blue Sun cola spokesmodel -- is selling one on eBay: "Crew Jacket given to the FIREFLY crew by the wonderful/generous/good-looking Writers/Producers (yes, that means Joss & Tim)."

November 16 2012

Agent Phil Coulson collectible figurine announced. Look at the attention to detail on the face.

November 07 2012

Best Buy's Black Friday sale will feature some Whedon titles. Both the Firefly DVD box set and the BluRay of Cabin in the Woods will be available at Best Buy for only $7.99 each on Black Friday if you are one of the brave that participate in this. More...

November 03 2012

Bid for unique Whedonverse collectibles. Can't Stop The Serenity's latest auction to help Equality Now has some really nice collector's items. There's a Shindig script signed by Jane Espenson, a Firefly crew gift from Gina Torres, a Jaynestown tshirt and poster signed by Adam Baldwin, a Buffy cast and crew belt bag from Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan and lots, lots more.

October 31 2012

QMX reveals Firefly dog tags. Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds' dog tags will be available during the first half of 2013.

August 22 2012

Quantum Mechanix Inc. releases Firefly 10th anniversary celebration art print. The 27" x 40" lithograph was created by graphic designer Jeff Halsey and features Serenity's silhouette in front of a moon, as well as a quote.

August 17 2012

Digital Buffyverse Weekend Sale on Dark Horse. Selected issues for 99c each.

July 12 2012

Pictures from QMX booth at SDCC including "Little Damn Heroes" cartoony statues of Book and Inara, Penny from Dr. Horrible and a more realistic version of Felicia Day as Codex in the Guild, and a "cut-away" model Serenity where you can lift off the roof and see into the dining room.

June 27 2012

See Nathan Fillion as you've definitely never seen him before. QMx brings a t-shirt and poster of the cap'n and a strategically placed gun holster.

June 23 2012

Cliff Chiang's original Joss Whedon GQ article art up for sale. It'll set you back $2500. Alternatively you can buy an art print from the artist's site for $40. More...

June 22 2012

Equality Now UK auctions Joss signed and designed shirts. There's not long left to grab a rare treat - one of the shirts Joss designed for Equality Now signed by the man himself! Update: Auctions are currently only open to UK bidders :(

June 11 2012

QMx reveals Inara Collectible Maquette. Next up in the Little Damn Heroes line is the Big Damn Companion herself, coming Q3.

May 20 2012

First Look: The Avengers Action Figures. They're looking absolutely lifelike. Article also contains links on how to win some.

May 15 2012

QMx reveals Shepherd Book Collectible Maquette. Everyone's favourite preacher with a past gets the Little Damn Hero treatment: debuting this Comic-Con as an exclusive, and available to pre-order if you get on the waiting list.

March 31 2012

Shawna Trpcic auction of many pieces of Whedonverse history. Items from the shows, including concept art for Firefly and Dollhouse. For hilarity check out Bad Horse and Badger.

March 10 2012

Rocket Launcher Buffy Premium Format. Another superb Buffy premium format custom statue as created by Buffy fan artist Willowswarlock. More...

February 11 2012

(SPOILER) Can this artist see into the future? Look at the date it was posted(although it was first posted on the site Oct 29). And notice the season 9 spoiler-ish features of this custom figure. Creepy, huh? More...

January 31 2012

Buffy and Angel complete DVD boxsets for sale on Amazon. The Angel set can be found here here.

January 04 2012

Donate to St Jude Children's Research Hospital and you could win a prize! The Supernatural fansite Winchester Bros have set up a fundraising page in honour of Jared and Genevieve Padalecki's new baby. If you donate, you could win some rather exclusive items which include a Dark Willow figure signed by Alexis, a signed pic of SMG and David Boreanaz and a book signed by the Buffy cast and Joss.

January 03 2012

Buffy & the Scoobies - "Chosen". From the creator of River Tam & the Fireflies comes...Buffy & the Scoobies! More...

December 30 2011

QMx unveils the Malcolm Reynolds Metal-Plated Pistol. You can pre-order it next year and it will set you back $79.95. More...

November 24 2011

Quantum Mechanix Black Friday sale includes some Whedony goodness. Starting at midnight, Quantum Mechanix will be selling the River BDH Maquette, Mule Replica, Fruity Oaty Bar girls, Penny Animated Maquette and a couple T-Shirts for at least 50% off. More...

November 23 2011

Nandi's dress from Heart of Gold up for sale again. Elonwy, the gal who currently owns Nandi's midriff dress from Heart of Gold is looking to sell it before she moves across the globe to Australia. Are you its next owner? More...

November 22 2011

Charity auction for a Tooned Up Spike, signed by James Marsters. Ends soon. More...

November 15 2011

Five Art Nouveau Posters of the Men of The Verse. Artist Megan Lara has designed for Quantum Mechanix 5 new poster featuring Mal, Wash, Jayne, Simon and Book, Art Nouveau style. More...

November 04 2011

Signed Jo Chen Prints for CSTS on eBay. These are signed by Jo Chen, Joss Whedon and Alyson Hannigan. The second one is here. More...

October 25 2011

New Angel Sideshow statue up for pre-order. There's also a regular version available, without the extra vampire head. More...

October 18 2011

Buffy and Angel Complete Series Boxsets get (Twilightesque?) makeover in the UK. Gaze upon the new artwork for the Buffy and Angel boxets at

September 28 2011

The Guild S5 poster signed by Nathan Fillion, for charity. Also signed (naturally) by Felicia Day and the cast of The Guild, proceeds from the auction of this poster and photo will support Child's Play, which "enables the gamer community to make a positive difference in the lives of children and young adults". More...

July 12 2011

Felicia Day in mini animated Penny form by QMx! More...

July 11 2011

Kaylee's Strawberry Delight. QMX just announced their latest shiny statue. More...
New Spike statue from Sideshow Collectables. Here's the latest in the new line from Sideshow collectables. *ETA* Video footage added. More...

July 06 2011

Once More With Feeling songbook signed by Sarah Michelle Gellar now on eBay. CSTS Vancouver is auctioning off a rare, even unique, item on ebay but it is up for only 1 week. SMG doesn't sign much so this is sure to be popular. Proceeds from this sale will go in to the CSTS Vancouver totals for Equality Now, and BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre Foundation.

June 30 2011

Buffy memorabilia to be auctioned off at the end of the month. Premiere Prop's Hollywood Auction Extravaganza 2 will feature teleplays from 'Showtime' and 'Get It Done', a blouse worn by Sarah, a jacket worn by Michelle, jeans worn by Charisma and zombie hands! More...

June 22 2011

Custom made 12" Faith statue. Buffy fan Willowsworlock has made a Faith statue using the original Sideshow 12" figure that was released a few years back as its base. More...

June 18 2011

Buffy 1.6th scale Library set. A WIP 1.6th scale Sunnydale library set made by a fan to go with their Sideshow 12" figures. More...

June 02 2011

Sideshow's Faith statue up for pre-order. Also, this exclusive version with interchangable arm. More...

April 17 2011

Get your River Tam & The Fireflies t-shirt. One day only, gone 24 hours from the time of this post. The design first discussed here last July is now a t-shirt.

February 03 2011

Great Whedon show memorabilia from Ausiello. Michael Ausiello is auctioning off a bunch of TV memorabelia he has collected over the years, including things from Angel, Buffy, and Firefly. All proceeds go to support the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. More...

October 14 2010

Amazing BtVS/Ats prop replicas on this site (and some originals). Look at this replica of the Shanshu scroll and case.

October 02 2010

Charity ebay auctions with Whedon merchandise. It's for the SickKids Foundation. They're selling a sideshow statue, signed books, props, CDs...

September 26 2010

Mal Maquette prototype signed by Nathan Fillion. "Kids Need to Read has a VERY special auction that commemorates a scene from the Firefly episode called "Trash". We have an exceptionally rare prototype maquette of Nathan Fillion as Malcolm Reynolds, sitting on a rock in all his "glory"."

September 21 2010

Bid for teddy bears signed by Whedonverse stars. This year's Project Teddy Bear auctions has bears signed by the likes of Morena Baccarin, Summer Glau, Michael Hogan, Clare Kramer, Sean Maher, James Marsters and Camdem Toy. All proceeds go to The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. More...

September 15 2010

Complete Serenity crew peg people. I keep finding the crew cunningly crafted in various ways.

August 04 2010

Newly Repackaged Angel and Buffy Complete Series. In case you don't already own these... ;). Buffy link: here.

July 24 2010

First look at Tonner's Jayne Cobb doll. Plastic and Plush has posted photos from the Tonner Doll Company booth at this year's Comic-Con, including a look at Tonner's prototype Jayne doll in a tiny cunning hat. There's also another photo of the Mal doll (browncoat not included). More...

July 23 2010

Buffy Soda is finally available to order on the Jones site. Just thought people might like to know.

July 12 2010

QMx "Inevitable Betrayal" Wash Little Damn Hero Maquette Sneak Peak. In advance of the upcoming SDCC.

July 03 2010

'Ultimate' Spike Available for pre-order. Latest release from the Tooned Up series. More...

June 14 2010

Vampire Paper Dolls. Dover released a set of Vampire Paper Dolls which includes Buffy, Angel and Spike (as well as True Blood and Twilight figures). I got mine in the grocery store children's books section. More...

May 11 2010

Artisan replica of Mal's Holster announced by QMX. Preorders begin on May 14th.

April 23 2010

Buffy Once More With Feeling Metal Art. It looks like those guys at Avitech Graphics are at it again. More...

April 14 2010

More Dollhouse props & costumes up for auction. This weeks items include Echo's leather jacket from "Ghost", Echo's "Omega" costume, Victor's medical file and wedge, Ivy and Dr Saunder's lab coats, Echo's book and note for the storm, and serial killer brain scan and file. More...

April 12 2010

Twitter contest for Buffy complete DVD series. Hercules over at Ain't It Cool News is having a Twitter contest for the complete DVD series today between noon and 5pm Pacific time. Open to U.S. residents only.

April 09 2010

New Dollhouse items up for auction. Fox continues its auctions of Dollhouse props and costumes. This weeks items include Echo's long leather coat (from the opening credits), Echo & Whiskey's gold dresses from their flashback scene in "Vows", Alpha's remote wipe device from "A Love Supreme", Ballard's "Keep looking" photo of Caroline, medical files for Caroline, Echo and Victor, and more. Lots of bargains to be had!
Inara's reaver-fightin' Bow and Arrow set from Serenity is on the auction block. Looking for the perfect weapon to defend yourself in the event of a zombie apocalypse? This might just be the ticket! The auction ends on April 12. More...

April 02 2010

New look for the German Buffy and Angel DVDs. Rest of Europe to follow? For a better look at the boxart, check the trailers for the Buffy and Angel DVDs on YouTube. Or go to the respective Buffy and Angel listings on

March 30 2010

Fandom Charities auctioning off signed Whedonverse items. Two Dr Horrible posters, a Once More With Feeling poster, and a book by PJ Haarsma are up for grabs. They're signed by the likes of Joss, Nathan, Felicia, Alan and Amber. More...

March 03 2010

Zen and The Art of Mule Maintenance. QMx reveals their new project: The MF-813 Flying Mule.

March 01 2010

Charity auction for a Codex staff made by Felicia Day. The Guild prop master Greg Aronowitz made a tutorial video, showing how to make your own Codex staff (part 1, part 2, part 3). Now the staff that Felicia Day made in the video is up for charity auction, supporting the Red Cross.
Rare Buffy action figure up for auction to benefit Haiti Relief. Maureen Ryan's auction continues with tons of TV promo items. More...

February 22 2010

TFAW "Winter Steals" Sale Now Offering 70% off Serenity, Buffy, and Angel Tchotchkes. You can page through 15 pages of 70% off stuff or Search Serenity or Search Buffy .

February 09 2010

Wooden Echo Doll auctioned for Haiti relief charity. Another cool Dollhouse item in TV journalist Maureen Ryan's continuing auction of TV promo items per previous post.

February 03 2010

The Haiti charity auction for Watch Us Care includes a few Whedonverse items. Including this Dollhouse/Firefly/Buffy package and several Battlestar Galactica items. More...

January 21 2010

Tooned up Buffy, Willow & Glory figures and original sketches auctioned for a good cause. The National Cartoonists Society Foundation is holding an auction on eBay to raise money to help the family of cartoonist, Tim Hodges. More...

January 19 2010

Fan auctions Firefly DVD signed by Joss and 15 cast members for Haiti. A UK based Firefly fan is auctioning a Firefly DVD cover with 15 autographs including Joss. 100% of the proceeds to be donated to Hollywood Unites for Haiti. The DVD cover is signed by Nathan Fillion, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Adam Baldwin, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Ron Glass, Michael Fairman, Christina Hendricks, Richard Brooks, Jonathan Woodward, Mark Sheppard and Joss Whedon.

January 14 2010

Throne of the Slayer Maquette available for pre-order. The exclusive has an extra scythe.

January 07 2010

Official Dollhouse auctions begin. 20th Century Fox are selling off the props. At the moment you can bid for Adelle's shoes, Echo's boots, pendant and earrings and an outfit worn by Mellie. More...

January 01 2010

Jo Chen (Buffy season 8 cover artist) art book. A bit pricey, but a must have if you're a Jo Chen fan. More...
Limited Dr. Horrible laser etched "plates". Buy all three (that form a triptych) or just one(check the seller's store). More...

December 28 2009

Sideshow Collectibles talks about new Buffy line. We'll get Buffy, and most likely Faith (whose sketch looks like Jo Chen's first Faith cover) and Willow. More...

December 26 2009

Pre-order the Dr. Horrible maquette from QMx. "It seems only fitting," says QMx, "that the first authorized and fully-licensed Dr. Horrible Animated Maquette is of the man with the PhD in Horribleness himself." First in a series of limited-edition maquettes.

December 21 2009

Buffy Season Eight #23 Signed by Tom Lenk for Charity. Buffy Season Eight #23 signed by Tom Lenk. Benefits go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. More...

December 12 2009

TFAW's Christmas Sale includes Serenity Items. Things From Another World has Serenity Items priced from 20-50% off for Christmas. Some really Shiny bargains listed on the site. More...

December 09 2009

Bid for a highly collectible Dark Horse Fun Pack. The Portland Mercury is auctioning off a big old comic package for charity. The pack includes a lithograph signed by Joss Whedon, a Dr Horrible comic book signed by Zack Whedon and Joëlle Jones and a page of original artwork from that one-shot. More...

December 08 2009

Bid for a Captain Mal Reynold's holster prop replica. This special one of a kind auction is being organised by the California Brownooats and all proceeds will go to The ALS Association. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, patients in the later stages of the disease may become totally paralyzed.

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