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August 24 2007

Serenity is Cinematical's DVD of the Week. Really nice Commentary and Review of the CE. I don't Think this one's been posted yet...

August 20 2007

Another Serenity Collector's Edition review. That one from Pop Syndicate. But wait, there's more! Digitally Obsessed and DVD in My Pants (yes, really) offer up reviews as well. More...

August 16 2007

Look even further into the Serenity Collector's Edition. We're in the home stretch, and SerenityStuff (thanks to World’s Finest DVD Report) has some more pictures of the new DVD -- front, back, unfolded, folded. I know, we're getting obsessive now. But aren't we all okay with that?

August 14 2007

Win a Serenity Collector's Edition DVD. SerenityStuff has a mission for you: Help spread the word about the release of the Collector's Edition, and you could win a copy via random drawing. More...

August 09 2007

Have a look at the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD packaging. No, not the cover. This is a look inside, from a reviewer who has received their screener copy.

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