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March 15 2013

"Joss" comments on the whole Kickstarter thing. Per the satirical Onion newspaper: "Wowee, if Kristen Bell can raise a million bucks on the 'net, I'll bet a guy like me, Joss Whedon, could really clean up."

October 25 2012

BAMF Girls Club (co-starring Buffy) successfully funded through Kickstarter. Thanks to internet contributions, more episodes of this excellent YouTube series featuring our favorite vampire slayer and other BAMF girls are on the way.

August 07 2012

Dan Windman, TV Show Lawyer sues cancelled shows. Even a TV show suing lawyer realizes that bringing back Firefly is a tall order.

June 01 2012

Writer Ken Levine's reaction to the Avengers. Ken Levine, writer on M*A*S*H, Cheers, and Frasier, discusses the Avengers, and gives a suggestion the Avengers II.

March 15 2011

Neil Patrick Harris and others tout Kimmel Diet Plan. Some comedic fun from Monday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. Lead via

January 19 2011

NPH performing in The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour and more at the San Francisco Comedy Festival on 22-23 January. He'll be appearing in three shows all together. More...

January 12 2010

The Improvised Joss Whedon playing soon in Chicago. It will be at the Gorilla Tango Theater once a week February 7-28. According to this A.V. Club article, it's "a big "what if" scenario in which characters from various Whedon programs ... meet each other."

November 02 2009

Alan Tudyk in "Tucker and Dale Vs Evil". Wash goes Deliverance in a riotous reversal of the standard horror tropes when a pair of innocent, well meaning hillbillies are mistaken for psychotic murderers. More...

October 22 2009

New Promo for webseries The Occulterers starring James C. Leary and Camden Toy. Coming this Monday (just in time for Halloween) this comedy web series about ghost hunters features Buffy's very own Clem (James C. Leary) and special guest stars the wonderful and creepy Camden Toy. More...

October 10 2009

Improv show featuring Felicia Day broadcasting live online. Starts at 9pm PDT. Direct link to Ustream. Adult content. More...

May 18 2009

PVP Online knows the real reason Dollhouse got renewed! So, which one of you Whedonesquers did it?

February 02 2009

Whedontastic Friday the 13th! Tony Head will be starring in a new comedy on Channel 4 (UK), which premieres on the 13th. More...

December 22 2008

The Guild's Christmas Special on MSN Video, and episode four. Episode four of The Guild is now available, but check out this year's Christmas special, where the gang gives a new gamer spin to "Twas the Night Before Christmas". More...

June 04 2008

Alan Tudyk Pilot taping June 18th in Burbank. Free tickets available, get 'em while they last. More...

March 08 2008

Cineprov! - An Evening of Buffy Fun. "Atlanta's premier movie mockery show is excited to announce An Evening of Buffy Fun in conjunction with Relapse Theatre". More...

December 29 2006

Amazon Warrior Woman to Harried and Married Mother of (at least) Two. Gina Torres is co-starring in the Chris Rock-directed and led film "I Think I Love My Wife." More...

July 26 2005

The Retroactive Alternative Emmys: Comic article on those TV series, actors, and situations that just never get their due.

July 16 2005

Firefly Fan Film: Mosquito. Watch this amazing video (29 MB Quicktime) - Nathan Town spoofs Joss Whedon's Firefly. More...

July 12 2005

Sing Praise to Joss Whedon! Talented musician Stan Peal sings Praise to Joss Whedon and also a song about Jayne's Hat. More...

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