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April 10 2016

Sofa Dogs Podcast commentary for Angel: Somnabulist with special guest Tim Minear. Three years after his last guest appearance, Tim Minear returns to the Sofadogs podcast for an audio commentary to one of his early ANGEL episodes. More...

June 24 2013

Much Ado About Nothing DVD commentary being recorded as we speak. Both Spencer Treat Clark and Jillian Morgese have tweeted photos. I could easily see Joss, Alexis, Brian & Nick, as well as Reed Diamond, Fran Kranz, and I think I could see Amy Acker. But I can't see Tom Lenk and/or Nathan Fillion. Emma Bates just added a great instagram (showing what a big group commentary it really is)! More...

May 01 2013

Sofa Dogs Podcast Commentary for ANGEL: "Darla" with special guest Tim Minear. Due to positive feedback from the listeners and the success of the previous commentary for "Reprise", Tim returns to talk about directing his first episode of Angel, parallel story structure and tying together mythologies from the Buffy episode, "Fool For Love". More...

March 26 2013

Sofa Dogs Podcast commentary for Angel: Reprise with special guest Tim Minear. John Pavlich is joined by Tim Minear for another podcast commentary. This time, they discuss episode 15 of ANGEL's second season, Reprise. More...

November 19 2012

Down In Front releases their commentary for The Avengers. Comprised of Teague Chrystie (Fringe), Brian Finifter (Apocalypse, CA), Michael "Dorkman" Scott (The Avengers) and Trey Stokes (The Abyss). Contains some adult language and a silly shout-out to Whedonesque. More...

November 05 2012

Down In Front releases fan commentary for The Cabin In The Woods. A group of filmmakers and VFX artists (including one who worked on 3D conversion for The Avengers) share their love for the picture as they watch. Contains adult language. More...

April 30 2012

(SPOILER) Richard Roeper reviews "The Avengers". He gives the movie an "A" rating. And in this new clip Joss Whedon does a 1:44 length commentary over a previously released scene.

January 29 2011

Down In Front streaming LIVE commentary for Serenity today. Join the chat room at 3 PM PST to watch and listen as VFX artist, Teague Chrystie (Ark, Life After People, BSG: Razor) and fellow film makers discuss the Big Damn Movie! More...

August 18 2010

Down In Front provides audio commentary for Alien Resurrection. Last month, the podcast tackled this cinematic "head scratch". Accomplished film makers Teague Chrystie, Michael "Dorkman" Scott, Matt Vayda and Eddie Doty discuss Joss at length here, especially his greatness, despite this movie. NSFW. More...

January 12 2010

'Commentary! The Musical': the commentary. Emily Nussbaum comments on 'Dr. Horrible - Commentary! The Musical'. More...

January 08 2010

Commentary! The Musical is now available on iTunes! Apparently it's been out since January 5th. It's also available at iTunes UK, and as well.

August 22 2009

The show lives through the fans. An interesting discussion of a new Firefly fanvid that focuses more on the state of being fans than the show itself. A link to the vid, Hard Sun, is at the top. More...

August 31 2006

Serenity Commentary at No. 1. Joss Whedon's commentary on Serenity is currently no.1 at the Top 100 list of the best commentaries ever.

November 17 2005

Hush clip w/commentary on ifilm. A clip from the new DVD set. Has Joss, Amber, and Danny talking about "Hush."

October 25 2005

(SPOILER) Jeffrey Bell writing/directing episode 6 of Alias S5. The episode is titled "Solo" and has Amy Acker as a guest star. Also, Alias Season 4 came out on DVD today and it features Bell and Goddard on commentary together.

August 17 2003

Taking Back Television, One Disc at a Time. The New York Times praises Joss Whedon, Marti Noxon and Seth Green's commentary for "Wild at Heart". More...

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