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October 18 2005

(SPOILER) Adam Baldwin Q &A at Dallas Comic Con. 7 1/2 minutes of video clips of Adam Baldwin's Q & A at 16 October 2005's Dallas Comic Con. MAJOR Serenity SPOILER ON PAGE and in video. More...

July 28 2005

Slayercruise 2007 Announced for June 22-29. This time Buffy and Angel fans have the opportunity to cruise the Alaskan coastline with their favorite stars. Guests to be announced.

July 09 2005

James announces extra London gig. New London gig, assurance on Toronto con, and James promises that his manager is going to let him spill the beans soon on those good things that are happening.

April 19 2004

Darla takes a chunk out of The Motor City Comic Convention that is. Julie Benz is one of the media guests lined up to be at the Motor City Comic Convention May 14-16th, 2004. More...

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