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October 22 2014

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. & Castle convention Nov 8-9. Fan convention in Los Angeles run by the California Browncoats with 6 cast members & some crew already announced.

July 16 2014

Read Shangel's in-depth review of London Film and Comic Con 2014 , with guests from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Shangel is a UK blogger, passionate about Joss Whedon and his works. He runs a blog where he currently reviews Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Firefly, Dollhouse, and other non-Whedon shows are also planned!

August 11 2013

Tom Hiddleston and Christina Hendricks sing. Promoting their upcoming movie, The Pirate Fairy (a Peter Pan re-imagining), at the D23 Expo Tom and Christina sang Bare Necessities together. More...

February 12 2013

Nicholas Brendon to appear at Rhode Island ComicCon. Rhode Island Comic Con announced last night that Nicholas Brendon will be returning to RICC for 2013 after such huge popularity in 2012. More...

May 24 2011

Eliza Dushku to appear at SFX Canada convention in Toronto. The convention (among the largest sci-fi conventions in North America) will run from August 25-28 this year.

September 09 2010

Eliza Dushku to attend convention in Los Angeles. It's Creation Entertainment's Buffy/Firefly/Dollhouse event.

July 12 2010

Adam Baldwin coming to Baltimore's Farpoint Convention in Feb. Adam Baldwin has been announced as a guest at Farpoint, which takes place just outside of Baltimore, MD on Feb 18-20, 2011.

July 06 2010

Whedonites United host their second annual "WhedonFest" charity convention/camp-out. This year it's in Scottsville, Kentucky, August 6-8. More...

June 18 2010

Stephanie Romanov confirmed for Hallowhedon 2. She will be joining Anthony Head and Alan Tudyk at the London convention in October.

May 23 2010

Tonner Convention Browncoats breakfast blog coverage. Tonner has posted images of the new Firefly dolls: Inara "Shinon" and Captain Mal. I love them. More...

March 26 2010

Charisma Carpenter signing this weekend in NY. Charisma will be signing on Long Island this weekend at ICON 29 in Stony Brook. ETA: And a Q&A with her from the event can be found here.

June 09 2009

Seth Green announced for Melbourne and Auckland Armageddon Expo. Melbourne: October 17/18th, Auckland: October 24-26th. More...

May 06 2009

T1 Convention Recap. A good recap of all the goings on at the T1 convention that happened in the UK about a week and a 1/2 ago with lots of photos. Guests included Summer Glau, Dichen Lachman, Miracle Laurie, Felicia Day and Adam Baldwin. More...

April 25 2009

Echo-1 convention announced for 2010. The announcement was made last night, it's a UK Dollhouse convention. At the bottom of the website the dates are listed as May 7-9 next year in London.

January 30 2009

Georges Jeanty talks about BtVS S8 with Dollar Bin at Charlotte Mini-Con 09. Jeanty mentions Dark Horse's expectations and professes delight that the book seems to be bringing more women into comic book-reading. More...

December 01 2008

Amber Benson to appear at NY Comic Con '09. She'll be there to help promote the release of her next novel, Death's Daughter, along with a couple or three new indie films she's in that will be released in the next few months. More...
Firefly Creation Convention report. Summarizes events and cast Q&A, podcast with Marian Call interview/music and interviews with Andy Gore & Geoffrey Mandel.

November 23 2008

Creation's Salute to Firefly and Serenity reports. Well? How did it go? How was the concert? Did you make Ron laugh? Tell us! Tell us!

September 23 2008

Jewel Staite to make a special appearance at the Sci-Fi Expo in Plano, Texas, October 25-26. The convention details are here.

July 21 2008

Faithful followers of cult TV. Article about Comic-Con, conventions and fandoms in general. Includes mention of Firefly, The Browncoat Cruise, Creation and quotes from some Browncoats. More...

April 04 2008

Nathan and Ron are coming to Australia! The Hub Productions presents Nathan Fillion, Ron glass and Jason Palmer, May 10-11! More...

March 10 2008

Jewel Staite reconfirms Supanova 2008 Melbourne & Brisbane! Unfortunately this means Jewel will not be appearing at the Dallas Comic Con as the Brisbane event is the same weekend. (I have it on good authority that she's definitely going to be in Brisbane that weekend)

February 08 2008

Summer Glau at WonderCon. She'll appear later this month along with TSCC actors Thomas Dekker and Brian Austin Green and Consulting Producer James Middleton. A presentation and Q&A are scheduled for the final afternoon of the con at 2:30pm.

January 01 2008

'The Chosen' and 'Serenity: Complete' - UK cons for 2008. The Starfury UK website has details of the Buffyverse and Serenity conventions that they are doing this year. The guest list for both cons seems good.

October 28 2007

Fan reporting in on Creation Firefly/Serenity Convention. I love reading these. More...

September 19 2007

Christian Kane, Mercedes McNab, Elisabeth Rohm, Michael Muhney & Ellen Muth coming to Australia in October! The Hub Productions have just announced their fifth guest for the October 27/28 convention happening in Sydney and Melbourne. More...

July 31 2007

Nicholas Brendon joins lineup of Creation's Salute to Supernatural, Smallville & Buffy/Angel. The convention takes place November 10-11 in Chicago.

July 20 2007

Creation adds Sean Maher to Serenity Salute. Lots of events and ticket info posted also. More...

July 09 2007

Booster Entertainment assets being sold off? It looks like their assets are going to be liquidated to pay their creditors (which includes many Browncoats and stars), possibly on eBay.
Juliet Landau added to Dragon*Con guest list. She joins fellow Whedon-alum James Marsters, Mark A. Sheppard and Ron Glass at the event, which takes place Aug 31 - Sept 3 in Atlanta. More...

June 29 2007

California Browncoats produce exclusive mugs for charity at Comic-Con. The California Browncoats ( are doing a run of 500 each of two different mug designs (by two of our favourite Browncoat graphic designers/artists) and selling them as a Comic-Con exclusive, the proceeds of which will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

June 21 2007

Summer Glau added to Creation's LA Firefly/Serenity convention. She joins Morena, Alan and Geoff Mandel at the event, which takes place October 27-28 at the Burbank Marriott.

June 15 2007

Creation announces "Salute to Supernatural, Smallville and Buffy/Angel" convention. The event is scheduled for November 11-12 in Chicago. No Whedonverse guests announced yet, but many castmembers have appeared at various Creation cons in the past. More...
Morena Baccarin to appear at Creation's Chicago Stargate convention. The event takes place August 24-26, but it appears she will only be there on Saturday from the tentative schedule posted on the site. More...

June 07 2007

Jewel Staite to appear at FedCon XVI this weekend. The mostly-Star Trek convention is being held in Bonn, Germany from June 8th to 10th.

January 17 2007

Tony Head coming to Sydney - exclusive concert for fans! The Hub Productions is holding a convention in Sydney, Australia featuring Tony. He'll also be performing an exclusive concert! More...

January 09 2007

Farpoint loses Summer, gains Ron. Alas, Summer Glau has a commitment precluding her from attending the Baltimore-based Farpoint, where she was previously slated. Ron Glass will be taking her place. The convention is Feb 16-18. More...

December 20 2006

Adam Baldwin added to FX Show line-up. He'll be appearing at the Orlando convention, January 26-28, alongside fellow Whedon-alums Ron Glass, Christina Hendricks, Sam Anderson, Andy Hallett and Bianca Lawson. More...

December 14 2006

Browncoats Backup Bash makes Wikipedia. Marsia Powers found this newest entry into Wikipedia. This could be one of the few entries on fan conventions on this site.

December 06 2006

More Flanvention Confusion. An afternoon scare as Booster Events claims the Hilton cancelled Flan 2, then deletes the thread and says to disregard. Later, an attendee calls the Hilton and they say they've not been told of any cancellation. (Title here changed on late edit.) More...

November 22 2006

Jewel Staite is attending Darkcon in Phoenix, Jan 2007. Jewel will be the Media Guest of Honor at the event Jan 4-7, 2007 held in Phoenix, Arizona.

September 01 2006

Booster Event's BE SCARED and FLAN 2 Luncheon Tickets on sale now. Special luncheon tickets for both BE Scared and Flan 2 are now up on ebay. To view all auctions, go here. The luncheons have limited seating. More...

June 30 2006

Booster is having a Blowout giveaway each week in July. A new thread will start with survey questions about the shows represented at Blowout. Everyone who posts in that week will be automatically entered into a drawing for a free Weekend Pass for Blowout. This week's thread. More...

June 25 2006

Alan Tudyk's leaf blows into Plano, Texas in July. Well more than his leaf will be at the SciFi Expo on July 8th. General admission to the event is free. An express pass is $10, and can be purchased online now.

June 18 2006

Morena Baccarin Joins the SuperComic Fest for her first East Coast appearance. The convention is from August 19-20, and is at the Crown Plaza Secaucus in Secaucus, NJ.

May 29 2006

Episode 32 of Firefly Talk features the last half of a recording from the Serenity panel at ComicCon 2004, with Joss and all the BDH's in attendance, and an article about creating and running Firefly/Serenity panels at conventions.
Mid-Atlantic Farpoint Con announces Firefly guest. Summer Glau has first right of refusal, if she passes then it will probably be Ron Glass. More...

March 29 2006

Three more confirmed guests for Vulkon Slayercon. Mark Metcalf, Brian Thompson and Jonathan Woodward!

March 27 2006

Make a Date with James Marsters. The only US convention for James Marsters this year will be held in Los Angeles in September.

March 26 2006

BE Scared with Juliet Landau and Dennis Christopher. Both will be appearing at the Halloween themed event Oct 13-15, 2006 in Burbank, Ca.

February 15 2006

A Cop turned Lawyer makes her first Convention appearance, and Boosters the Wizard World LA line-up of the verse Mar. 17-19, 2006. Elizabeth Rohm is joining Stephanie Romanov and Christian Kane at BE's booth at Wizard World on Sat. Mar 18, 2006. More...

February 07 2006

Mercedes McNab joins the lineup of Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors convention. It'll be held June 2-4 at LA's Burbank Airport Hilton.

January 15 2006

New Firefly and Serenity cast UK convention transcripts up at Summer Glau's official site. There's three transcripts from the last couple of years. Well worth reading. More...

January 02 2006

Summer Glau & Alan Tudyk at FX 2006 in Orlando. Summer and Alan will be attending the FX 2006 con January 27 - 29 for signings. Jason Palmer, mentioned several times around these parts will also be in attendance (and has created new art for the con program).

November 27 2005

Flanvention News at Bella Online. Read all about it.

November 11 2005

Welcome To Our Hell: City of Angel coverage of the Quor'toth convention. Featuring anecdotes from the likes of Amy Acker, Andy Hallett, Jenny Mollen and more. Find out about David Boreanaz rescuing dogs from pounds and what Amy thought of Fred being killed off.

November 01 2005

The FX Show in Florida will feature Alan Tudyk. Dubbed "The Florida Extravaganza," the event takes place January 27-29 at the Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando.

October 17 2005

(SPOILER) Adam Baldwin Q &A at Dallas Comic Con. 7 1/2 minutes of video clips of Adam Baldwin's Q & A at 16 October 2005's Dallas Comic Con. MAJOR Serenity SPOILER ON PAGE and in video. More...

September 07 2005

The Serenity Flanvention convention changes location. The first US Serenity convention to be held Dec 9-11, 2005 has moved from the Westin Century City to Burbank Hilton, which is just 10 minutes from Universal Studios. More...
Tony Head is unable to attend the Knoxville event. Due to rehearsals for a new play he is in, Tony Head will not be in attendance at the Slayercon convention being held this weekend in Knoxville, TN. Those who have Platinum and Gold tickets will receive an autographed photo of him. More...

September 01 2005

A convention from the guests point of view. At the Angel Booster Bash back in July, cameras were given to all the guest to take pictures with to get an idea of what they would take pics of. Some of those have now been developed and posted to their photo gallery. More...

July 25 2005

Pre-Order Amber in Houston on DVD. Amber Benson is raising funds for her next independent film, "Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics" by selling a DVD compilation of her convention appearance in Houston this past April. (reg req) More...

July 19 2005

Ron and Summer at Gen Con in Indy Aug 18-21. Gen Con welcome as part of their Media Guest line-up, Ron Glass and Summer Glau to the gaming convention held in Indianapolis, Indiana. More...

May 03 2005

Serenity Convention in LA in December 2005. From the people bringing you the Angel Booster Bash this July, comes the Serenity Flanvention. Guests announced so far: Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Ron Glass, Summer Glau, Morena Baccarin and Sean Maher. Tickets on sale May 31st. More...

January 13 2005

Win a Weekend Pass to the Angel Booster Bash. They are raffling off a weekend pass for both Jan and Feb, for the July event in LA. The tickets are 10 dollars each. Currently, this is the only known U.S. convention appearance for Alexis Denisof in 2005. More...

August 19 2004

Jane Espenson joins David and James for Halloween. Jane is more than likely the final guest at the Halloween convention unless someone has to drop out. More...

August 05 2004

Oakland Slayercon has a handful of premium tickets available. Due to cancellations and miscalculations, there are a few Gold, Silver, and Deluxe tickets now available for the convention. **UPDATE** Stephanie Romanov has been announced as Juliet's replacement.

[ edited by RavenU on 2004-08-07 21:46 ] More...

July 04 2004

James Marsters in Australia. Convention report by bookworm54 at the MtS forums (scroll down). Things to note, Macbeth seems to be on the backburner and David Greenwalt is currently pitching a series for James to the networks.

May 29 2004

Firefly's Wash, Alan Tudyk, to appear at the June L.A. Comic Book and Sci Fi Convention.

May 23 2004

Eliza Dushku Q&A. Excerpt from her talk at Wizard World Philadelphia.

April 19 2004

Darla takes a chunk out of The Motor City Comic Convention that is. Julie Benz is one of the media guests lined up to be at the Motor City Comic Convention May 14-16th, 2004. More...

February 19 2004

Last Platinum Ticket on Ebay for Oakland Slayercon and with only 3 days left it's already over $4000 US dollars.(Edited current price - at the time of original posting it was over $2000) More...

January 18 2003

"The David Boreanaz European Event 2003". The only European convention David will be at this year. To be held in Brighton, England from August 29th till August 31st.

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