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June 12 2014

BuffyFest Israel 2014 Coverage. A recap of the recent BuffyFest convention in Tel Aviv, Israel.

June 02 2013

Report from Tel Aviv's BuffyFest 2013. Coverage of last week's BuffyFest convention in Tel Aviv, Israel.

April 19 2013

Jewel Staite will appear at Phoenix ComicCon. She will be at the event May 24 to May 26.

April 18 2013

Sean Maher and Jewel Staite will appear at Serenity Forever. The event is organized by StarFury and will take place at the Renaissance Hotel in Heathrow from September 13 to September 15. More...

April 08 2013

Adam Baldwin on Jayne, Firefly and the enjoyment of acting. Talking to Australian press ahead of this weekend's Supanova convention appearance in Melbourne, he said while he would "jump at the chance" to reprise the role he didn't see Firefly returning any time soon. "Joss is busy with Avengers and Nathan is busy with Castle, his television show, so if it happens in the next three or four or five years, sure, but beyond that, I don't want to be 'old-guy Jayne'."

June 25 2012

Oz Comic Con premieres in Melbourne this weekend with 5 Whedonverse guests! It'll be an awesome weekend for Aussie Whedonesquers inMelbourne, with five Whedonverse guests attending the first Oz Comic-Con this weekend. Sean Maher, Julie Benz and Fran Kranz will be joined by Jason Palmer and Scott Allie.

October 20 2010

More guests at Creation's salute to Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse. Scroll down a bit in the events list and you'll see the QMx panels: one with Ron Glass, and another on writing (with Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss and Jose Molina).

June 30 2010

Summer Glau Coming to Fan Expo in Toronto. According to the convention website, Summer has been added to the guest list which includes Felicia and James.

June 08 2010

First news of TV shows coming to San Diego Comic-Con 2010 starting to arrive. List includes V, Robot Chicken, Bones, Castle, Spartacus, No Ordinary Family, The Cape, Dexter, Glee. More...

March 21 2010

Creation Entertainment Salutes Firefly, Buffy/Angel & Dollhouse. November 6-7, 2010 in Los Angeles. "...4th Annual Convention saluting the work of Joss Whedon, this year expanding to cover all of Joss' television shows..." Guests still TBA.

October 29 2009

The Paley Center NY "Vampire Weekend," November 13-15. Includes screenings of the BUFFY reunion and ANGEL cast/crew panels. ETA: yes to be clear folks Paley is screening previously-taped events - BtVS panel from '08, AtS panel from '01. More...

February 17 2009

Where to meet Felicia Day this year plus Live Chat tonight on A blog entry from Felicia listing conventions and appearances she is planning to go to this year. And there's details of the first Live Chat she is hosting on to celebrate the Season Finale of The Guild.

January 27 2009

Tahmoh Penikett at Emerald City ComiCon. Just announced for the Seattle-based convention taking place April 4 and 5.

December 12 2008

James Marsters announces Valentine's event. James Marsters announces a one day event in NJ on February 15th 2009 at the South Orange Performing Arts Centre. Tickets, limited to 150 people, are on sale now. More...

January 27 2008

Orlando FX Convention reports for Whedonverse actors are trickling in. Folks who are attending the FX Convention in Orlando this weekend are already reporting on encounters with Captain Caleb and One-Eyed Nick and it sounds like it's a good time. More links to come in the comments.

December 22 2007

Nathan Fillion to appear at Phoenix Cactus Comicon. He'll be there January 26-27 with his friend PJ Haarsma in support of their children's literacy project, Kids Need to Read.

September 27 2007

Creation Entertainment claims exclusive appearance by Nathan Fillion at Serenity Salute Convention. Creation Entertainment has sent out an email claiming that Nathan Fillion's appearance at their Serenity Salute Convention October 27-28 in LA will be his only convention appearance in the region through December. More...

April 17 2007

A werewolf and The Groosalugg in Grimsby. Jenny Mollen and Mark Lutz will be attending a one day Slayerfest event at the Caxton Theatre in Grimsby on May 15th.

March 20 2007

Starfury: Serenity Infinity Convention Guests announced. At the Serenity convention in Glasgow this weekend the first guests for Serenity Infinity were announced, Adam Baldwin, Sean Maher, Morena Baccarin and Ellen Muth (Dead Like Me). The con takes places October 5th to 7th at London Heathrow and tickets are on sale now.

March 14 2007

IDW's Brian Lynch and Scott Tipton signing at WizardWorld LA March 16th and 18th. The writers of Spike: Asylum, Spike: Shadow Puppets, and Angel: Auld Lang Syne (among others) will be at the Earth-2 Comics' booth at the convention this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. More...

March 11 2007

Ron Glass to attend Supanova convention in Brisbane, April 07. Ron Glass will be attending the convention on both days (April 14/15), doing signings/photos and Q+A sessions. Woohoo! More...

December 07 2006

Flanvention cancelled. "Booster Entertainment apologizes for the great inconvenience, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Flanvention is cancelled. An official notice will be posted within 10 days." Boosters entire website has been removed except for that notice. Let's try to help the 500 Browncoats (many international!) descending on LA as we type salvage something from this weekend.. Edit: Adam Baldwin just showed up regardless. Edit 2: Mark Sheppard ('Badger') has turned up to say hello. Update: Nathan Fillion shows up. Update: Jonathan Woodward shows up. More...
James Marsters Spring Fever. Another UK Event for those one or two James Marsters Fans out there More...

November 23 2006

Mark Sheppard to MC at Starfury's Break Out Con. Not on Starfury's main page yet, but it has been confirmed on the forums that everyone's favourite Brit will be MC-ing this Prison Break/Veronica Mars convention in May 2007. More...

August 10 2006

Kendra joins the BE BlowOut Line-up Aug 18-20 in Burbank. Bianca Lawson is joining the other whedonverse guests at the BE BlowOut next weekend. Tickets available at the door, starting at $25. Other verse guests include Elisabeth Rohm, Andy Hallett, Matt James, Kelly Donovan, and Mark Sheppard. More...

July 29 2006

Booster Bash 2 tickets on sale and First Guest! Booster Bash 2 tickets are now on sale and Alexis Denisof announced!

July 09 2006

Comic-Con has some Joss-related goodness on their schedule for July 23. Nancy Holder will discuss Buffy novels and other media tie-ins, the trailer for The Grudge 2 (which SMG has a small part in) will debut, and the California Browncoats will hold a group meeting. In fact, the Browncoats have a press release about the event and how they hope to raise lots of money for charity. More...

June 13 2006

Tales from last week's Moonlight Rising. MalNourished has posted her account and photos of last week's Moonlight Rising. More...

June 11 2006

Summer Glau announced for the annual Farpoint convention . Feb. 16-18, 2007 in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

June 10 2006

Espenson, Fury and Noxon confirmed guests at WorldCon Anaheim. Along with "Serenity" being on the ballot for the Hugos, authors Holder and DeCandido will also be there. One day memberships went on sale June 1. More...

June 02 2006

Adam Baldwin Cancels Appearance at Moonlight Rising. Adam cancels appearance at MR! Needs registration to view post. More...

May 28 2006

Joanna Russ: Buffy Fan. During an interview with Samuel R. Delany at WisCon 30 in Madison, WI, the legendary feminist SF and F writer Joanna Russ expressed her admiration for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. More...

March 28 2006

New Whedonverse Dragon*con Guests Confirmed! Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Andy Hallett, and James Leary have been added to Dragon*con's confirmed list of guests! More...

February 08 2006

Wizard World Tour Pics from 2005, every stop has a little something from verse in it. Starting with Boston with Eliza, to Philly with Seth, then on to Chicago with John Cassaday, moving on to LA with Joss, finally finishing up in Texas with Summer. It's a lovely little photo tour of the Wizard World conventions. More...

January 10 2006

Ron Glass to appear at I-Con in Long Island, NY on March 24-26. Serenity novelization author Keith DeCandido will also be in attendance. More...

July 15 2005

WW Chicago Gentlemen PALz 4-Pak!!! Creepy! Veeerry Creepy!!! More...

July 06 2005

Give Blood, Get a Bloodsucker. Exclusive Spike toy for blood donors at the San Diego Comic-Con.

July 03 2005

Comic-Con 2005: Finally, some names to drop. "But last year Comic-Con was able to tout a huge "get" - the notoriously reclusive Sarah Michelle Gellar, best known as Buffy the Vampire Slayer." More...
The Inside panel at Comic Con. The entire cast + Tim Minear, Jane Espenson, David Fury and friends. (ETA) Sadly, breaking news is that they may not be there after all . . .

July 01 2005

Serenity panel at Comic-Con International on 7/16. From 2:15 - 3:15 in Hall H. More...
Lost With Fury. Apologies for posting this after the fact but David Fury was guest of the Australian Writers Guild at the ACMI cinemas in Melbourne last night prior to his Buffy conventions appearances today and tomorrow. More...

May 23 2005

James Marsters at SFX in Toronto in August. The prices for James's appearances at SFX in Toronto have been released... More...

March 25 2005

Dragoncon confirms a few Firefly actors for the 2005 event. Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Morena Baccarin are the current confirmed guests at this East Coast event. This convention is Sept 2-5 in Atlanta, GA and maybe the biggest convention closest to the release date of Serenity.

November 30 2004

Joss Whedon to appear at Wizard World Los Angeles on Saturday, March 19th. A ticket for that day will cost just $25 and there's the added bonus of seeing Astonishing X-Men artist John Cassaday as well. More...

October 19 2004

Spooky Snaps. The Halloween 2004 event is less then 2 weeks away and more details are sneaking forth. Attendees will have their photo ops with James and David against a backdrop of gravestones and burial plots. More...

September 04 2004

Report from ringside at DragonCon. Read about the shaky set! Attendee was "very impressed" by con where Nathan, Jewel and Adam entertained: "These guys talk about Joss Whedon like he can control when the tide comes in." Another posted link to con images in same thread. More...

July 25 2004

Starts way down the page with the title The Grudge. Has spoilers for that. At the bottom of the page it mentions it will be reporting about Joss Whedon and Firefly tomorrow. Highlights of Sarah's Q&A here. More...

June 29 2004

Aberdeen Buffy & Angel convention "Hush" postponed until May 2005. Guests included Tony Head, Tom Lenk, Common Rotation (Adam Busch's band), and Iyari Limon.

May 30 2004

Kaylee (Jewel Staite) makes a con appearance June 13-15. Along with other Whedonverse players Mercedes McNab (Harmony), Elizabeth Anne Allen (Amy), and Brian Thompson (Luke/Judge) at Dreamcon in Jacksonville, FL..

September 06 2003

(SPOILER) Worlds of Whedon. Indepth FilmForce coverage of Joss' Q&A and the Angel writers' panel at Comic Con. Well worth reading (minor spoilers for Angel). More...

June 16 2003

Transcript of ASH's Q&A at Moonlight Rising con.

April 16 2003

David Boreanaz to Make Very Rare L.A. Convention Appearance in May. I know he's done the San Diego Comic-Cons in the past when he was on Buffy, and he's doing a convention in August in the United Kingdom, but I believe this is his very first Los Angeles convention appearance, no doubt to promote Angel on what could very well be its last season.

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