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May 23 2006

Check the DVD cover and early info for the complete series of Conviction ,starring Eric Balfour and J. August Richards.

May 14 2006

NBC loses 'Conviction'. The network pulls the plug on J. August Richard's new show.

May 04 2006

J August's conviction is driven to succeed. He talks about his new show and being an actor, "I may have thought I got into this business to be famous but that changed quite quickly and I realized I love what I do as an actor."

March 02 2006

J. August Richard's "Conviction" premieres tonight. The series airs at 10/9c on NBC.

February 21 2006

Download and Watch the Pilot Episode of Conviction. (USA ONLY) iTunes has made available, for free, the pilot episode of the new J. August Richards and Eric Balfour show, Conviction. (Link opens up in iTunes, which is necessary for downloading the episode) More...

February 03 2006

Preview of 'Conviction' featuring J. August Richards. Created by Dick Wolf (Mr Law and Order), this show should air on NBC sometime soon.

January 23 2006

'Conviction' starring J. August Richards to premiere March 3rd at 10pm ET on NBC. 'Las Vegas' will be its lead-in.

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