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February 12 2016

Who do you 'ship? AV Club writers detail the characters they wish would get together/stay together in their favorite TV series.

July 26 2013

'Surviving Evil' new doc series hosted by Charisma Carpenter gets premiere date. Set to premiere August 28th on ID (Investigation Discovery). The first episode will deal with Charisma's own encounter with a rapist.

July 23 2012

Happy birthday to Charisma Carpenter! Today our Cordy turns 42 (or yesterday, based on where you're from!)

July 12 2012

Charisma Carpenter at the Thirst Gala. Charisma Carpenter discusses her trip to Africa, her commitment to the Thirst Gala, and her belief that real teenagers are scarier than the characters on The Lying Game.

August 23 2011

'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki and Charisma Carpenter on Set. Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters will be both in an upcoming episode of Supernatural. This is a picture from Charisma's first day on set. More...

November 17 2009

Cordelia Chase on EW's Top 21 Bitches List. On Entertainment Weekly's Top 21 Bitches List, Cordelia has a slot.

July 24 2008

Surprise--It's Charisma Carpenter's Un-Birthday! At least in my time zone it's still July 24, which is the day after the annual July 23rd anniversary of Ms. Carpenter's nativity. More...

June 02 2008

Charisma Carpenter's Heading Back to College. After making a big impression at the end of season one of ABC Family's "Greek," all about frat life, Charisma will be back as a national representative for the ZBZ sorority to deal with a troublesome pledge. The episode will be shown in the fall.

February 19 2008

Wizard Universe's Top 25 Sexiest Women on TV. A puzzling list, but containing quite a few of Joss' girls. More...

January 05 2007

MWC's Picks for Best/Worst Figures of 2006. Our Cordy Chase gets double mention for best and worst female action figure of last year. Includes the line: "to take a woman that's real, truly beautiful, and half nekkid, and turn her into the shaved butt of an ugly dog, - that's a crime." More...

November 27 2006

Words of wisdom. "Let's face it. Unless there's a web site called "," we're out of luck". More...

August 10 2006

MWCToys review: Chosen Xander, Wish Cordelia figures with Mr. Crawford's usual degree of detail, including photos comparing them to the original MAC figures and the previously-reviewed S7 Xander and Pylean Cordelia, reviewed here.

August 08 2006

(SPOILER) Preview of Upcoming Comics From IDW. Additional preview pages from the upcoming series Angel: Masks and Angel: Auld Lang Syne from IDW. More...

August 06 2006

"Still, Most Of Them Smell Fine." Jane Espenson blogs about adding dimensionality to character development. In her ongoing online screenwriting seminar, the former Mutant Enemy writer discusses the introduction of contradictory character traits, using the character of Cordelia (among others). More...

August 03 2006

MWC reviews Season 7 Xander and Pylean Cordelia figures with his usual attention to detail.
"Relative Chaos" with Nick Brendon and Charisma Carpenter set for Labor Day. ABC Family has announced "Relative Chaos" will be shown Labor Day, September 4th. Nick is part of a competitive family with Terry Bradshaw as their dad. More...

July 06 2006

Sideshow Cordelia available for pre-order! More pictures and details of what she comes with. More...

June 29 2006

Sideshow Cordelia. They gave us a tiny little hint over a month ago of what the new figure would be and here she is! From the "You're Welcome" Angel episode.

November 21 2005

TV gal enjoys the cast reunions on different shows and wants to see more. She mentions Alyson and Charisma pairing again on Veronica Mars, and how she would like to see Juliet Landau show up on Smallville. More...

November 30 2004

"Gwen Stefani is playing the Veronica/Cordelia Chase role..." Fluxblog's Matthew Perpetua reviews Gwen Stefani's new album 'Love Angel Music Baby' in whedonesque terms and says: "It's pretty clear that Gwen is a Willow/Betty type in Cordy/Veronica drag." More...

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