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November 23 2011

Nandi's dress from Heart of Gold up for sale again. Elonwy, the gal who currently owns Nandi's midriff dress from Heart of Gold is looking to sell it before she moves across the globe to Australia. Are you its next owner? More...

April 14 2010

More Dollhouse props & costumes up for auction. This weeks items include Echo's leather jacket from "Ghost", Echo's "Omega" costume, Victor's medical file and wedge, Ivy and Dr Saunder's lab coats, Echo's book and note for the storm, and serial killer brain scan and file. More...

April 09 2010

New Dollhouse items up for auction. Fox continues its auctions of Dollhouse props and costumes. This weeks items include Echo's long leather coat (from the opening credits), Echo & Whiskey's gold dresses from their flashback scene in "Vows", Alpha's remote wipe device from "A Love Supreme", Ballard's "Keep looking" photo of Caroline, medical files for Caroline, Echo and Victor, and more. Lots of bargains to be had!

March 05 2010

Shawna Trpcic to be at WonderCon 2010. According to her Tweet, Shawna will be speaking at a Costume Design Panel. Though there is no program up on Wondercon's website yet.

February 18 2009

Browncoat Ball registration is open. The Ball will be from October 2nd to the 4th. Start planning now! More...

April 01 2008

THE Original Browncoat back up on eBay. Some of you may recall a few years ago when Shawna Trpcic and Jonathan Logan auctioned off the original screen-worn browncoat for $12,000. Well, now it's back up on the auction block. With a $300 starting big and no reserve! More...

March 08 2006

The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design. Live in Los Angeles or thereabouts? Then why not toddle along to the latest exhibition at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Museum and have a look at some pretty Serenity costumes.

December 08 2005

Shawna Trpcic podcast interview about Firefly costume auction in the latest Firefly Talk show #8. There's also an interview with her over at Slayerverse.

October 31 2005

Unshelved pays Halloween tribute to Serenity. Our favourite librarian and friends dress up as Mal, Inara and a Reaver for Halloween.

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