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October 17 2011

Shiny ditty for the pretty. The Browncoats are playing for us brownish coats, a little Firefly-themed song, for those of you out there in the black who's unaware of it. I think it's a gorram songy song.

September 06 2008

YouTube star covers "My Eyes". Lauren (AKA devilishlypure AKA Thursday of the 5awesomegirls) and a friend (ninjapiano) cover the song "My Eyes" from Dr. Horrible.

August 04 2008

On The Rise - Dr. Horrible violin & piano cover. Don't you wish you had the talent to do something like this? More...

June 18 2008

(SPOILER) Jo Chen talks about her cover for Buffy #20. Brilliant artwork for Jeph Loeb's issue of Season 8. More...

April 26 2007

New covers for Buffy #1 (third printing) and Buffy #2 (second printing). TFAW has put up the third printing of Buffy #1 and the second printing of Buffy #2 for pre-order. Both have different versions of the regular cover.

November 01 2005

Cover art for the Serenity DVD. Quite possibly the worst Whedonverse DVD artwork ever. More...

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