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"Oh my god. You teach ethics?"
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June 24 2015

Charisma Carpenter cast in new series "Scream Queens". She will be guest starring/have a potentially recurring role in the new comedy-horror anthology series coming to Fox this fall.

January 16 2009

Firefly Crew in top 25 Coolest Movie Crews. Empire magazines website has the 25 coolest movie crews and and the best crew in the verse is one of them. More...

November 08 2007

Jane Espenson interviewed over at Slice of SciFi. Jane talks about the "Serenity Found" book, and much more. More...

July 10 2006

Happy Birthday Chiwetel Ejiofor! Happy Birthday to our own, Chiwetel Ejiofor! He turns 32 today. More...

February 22 2004

Almost Human demo reel. From the people who make the monsters for Buffy and Angel (Quicktime required and possibly not safe for work).

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