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April 18 2013

(SPOILER) J. August Richards guest stars in Arrow. J. August will guest star next week. It doesn't say if it's a one time appearance or a reccurring role. More...

July 22 2011

Ringer Comic-Con panel now on Buffyfest. No major spoilers.

June 27 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar will be at Comic-Con. Entertainment Weekly confirms our favorite Slayer's first visit to Comic Con since promoting The Grudge in 2004. She'll join the cast of Ringer, which will start on the CW September 13th. Joining her on the panel on July 21st at Ballroom 20 (according to TV Line) will be Nestor Carbonell and Ioan Gruffudd. More...

October 21 2010

Michelle Trachtenberg sets up project at CW. Michelle would star as a young criminology student with a gift for profiling and a dark past . More...

July 14 2010

D.B. Woodside signs up for role on CW's 'Hellcats'. D.B. just signed on for a role on Tom Welling-produced cheerleading drama 'Hellcats.'

October 17 2007

Reaper has "Buffy" potential. If you haven't seen Reaper yet maybe this will encourage you to take a look. More...

September 14 2006

McCollum: The curtain goes up Monday on the new CW. Almost a eulogy to WB shows, including Buffy and Angel, crediting it as the network that "provided a launching pad for some of television and film's most distinctive voices" such as Joss Whedon. And as a reminder, the first episodes of Angel and Buffy will be shown on The WB on Sunday night.

June 01 2006

Entertainment Weekly picks the climax of BtVS 2.22 as top WB memorable moment. They also cite the pickup of season 6 as a highlight of UPN's existence, but that doesn't seem to be online.

May 16 2006

Veronica Mars renewed. It may have Charisma Carpenter appearing in season 3.

February 14 2006

Firefly to Fly Again at The CW?! Kristin of E! Online drops the bomb that The CW may be in talks to resurrect Firefly! More...

January 24 2006

Joss Wanted for CW Dream Lineup. Maureen Ryan suggests that CW should contact Joss. More...

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