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December 18 2016

D.B. Woodside talks about Buffy and working with Joss Whedon. This is from The A.V. Club's Random Roles series which looks at actors' memorable roles.

February 29 2016

D.B. Woodside talks about his new show 'Lucifer' and being on Buffy. "It was an honor to work for Joss Whedon and to work with that cast."

November 09 2012

D.B. Woodside to guest star on 'Emily Owens, MD'. He's booked a multi-episode arc on the show.

August 26 2011

D.B. Woodside heading to 'Parenthood'. He'll be doing a five episode arc on the show. More...

March 22 2010

Robert O'Hara's, 'My Place in the Horror'. D.B. Woodside's latest film project.

October 18 2008

Watch D.B. Woodside & Moreana Baccarin guest star in Numb3rs. Just choose the "Numb3rs-Blowback" to start streaming. More...

August 16 2007

D.B. Woodside talks "Buffy" on IGN. He also discusses his time on 24 and his new gig on Viva Laughlin. More...

May 15 2007

Son of a Slayer Soon To Say "Viva Laughlin!" After serving as President during this past season on "24", D.B. Woodside will soon be in the CBS musical drama "Viva Laughin!", based on the BBC show "Viva Blackpool". It will be part of the new lineup which will be announced today. It also includes "Moonlight", about an "undead" detective. More...

January 09 2007

D.B. Woodside on Larry King Live tonight with the cast of "24". More...

October 24 2006

(SPOILER) D.B. Woodside's 24 role evident in season 6 trailer. More...

July 18 2006

(SPOILER) D.B. Woodside joins the regular cast of 24. David Fury did love writing for him on Buffy. Now he gets to do it on a regular basis. Theres not really any spoilers in the article, although it does name the background of another new character so better safe then sorry.

July 11 2006

(SPOILER) Watch with Kristin Weekly Column 10/07/06. This week's Watch with Kristin column has some Whedonverse-related spoilery goodness. More...

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