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June 30 2017

Daniel Dae Kim departs "Hawaii 5-0". The Angel alum was a series regular for 7 seasons.

May 23 2016

How to keep a musical great. Focused on the female replacements in two Broadway shows (Heather Headley and Marin Mazzie), but, also has some kind words about Daniel Dae Kim in The King & I. More...

July 11 2013

Alyson Hannigan and Daniel Dae Kim featured on the series premiere of NBC's new game show, Hollywood Game Night. They appeared on tonight's episode alongside Kristen Bell, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Martin Short, and host Jane Lynch.

September 07 2010

Fall 2010 TV Premiere Schedule. The 2010 Fall schedule that includes many returning and new shows featuring our alumni. More...

May 30 2010

Hawaii Five-O - Exclusive Preview. YouTube video of the CBS remake starring Daniel Dae Kim; also, catch a glimpse of James Marsters in his guest starring role. More...

May 19 2010

CBS Picks Up "Hawaii Five-O" For Fall 2010 Season. CBS announced today that the pilot for a new version-- created by Star Trek (2009)/Fringe/Alias writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci--of the iconic series has been picked up for their fall schedule, to air Mondays at 10PM Eastern. Daniel Dae Kim has a starring role. James Marsters will play the villain in the pilot episode, a role which may be recurring. More...

February 08 2010

Daniel Dae Kim takes lead role in "Hawaii Five-0" remake. The former Angel actor will be playing Detective Chin Ho Kelly.

February 05 2009

(SPOILER) Daniel Dae Kim talks about Jin's fate on Lost. Spoiler tag for Lost fans. He tells, "I was happy with the way they did that, for sure!"

September 17 2008

Saints Row 2 - Whedonverse voice talent. Daniel Dae Kim, Neil Patrick Harris and Eliza Dushku chat about lending their voices to THQ's gangland sequel.

May 20 2008

Daniel Dae Kim stars in "Andromeda Strain". Which will air May 26 & 27th on A & E. He plays Dr. Tsi Chou a microbiologist who used to design biological weapons, in this two night event. More...

January 30 2007

(SPOILER) Fox reveals their programming for the February Sweeps. Includes information for several Whedon cast and crew related shows such as 24, Prison Break, Bones, The OC and Family Guy. ABC has also unveiled their programming for February sweeps, related shows include Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Lost. Beware that the links do contain minor spoilers about upcoming episodes. More...

December 06 2006

Changes for ABC's shows featuring Jossverse cast and crew. According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello: Jeffrey Bell and Adam Baldwin's "Day Break" might be canceled. Drew Goddard and Daniel Dae Kim's "Lost" will get a new time slot. And on related news David Arquette's "In Case of Emergency" debuts in January. More...

November 04 2006

Daniel Dae Kim in "Real Virginians for Webb" video. Kim urges Asian Pacific Americans of Virginia to vote for Democratic candidate Jim Webb for the US Senate this Tuesday.

August 04 2006

Happy 38th, Daniel Dae Kim! Happy birthday to the best zombie lawyer to grace our screens.

July 11 2006

(SPOILER) Watch with Kristin Weekly Column 10/07/06. This week's Watch with Kristin column has some Whedonverse-related spoilery goodness. More...

July 10 2006

TV Gal's Weekly Column has an Emmys run-down (including Whedonverse mentions) and the full results from the Amy Awards (with many Whedonverse related nominees/winners). More...

June 13 2006

David Boreanaz and Daniel Dae Kim chosen as two of TV Guide's "Hottest Men on TV" according to Entertainment Tonight, which broke the story today. This issue of TV Guide, which also features Kim as one of four collectible covers, goes on sale Thursday (June 15). Pics and videos over at the TV Guide website.

May 06 2006

(SPOILER) Daniel Dae Kim voices Metron in the penultimate Justice League Unlimited. More...

February 04 2006

New Justice League Unlimited episodes bring lots of ME alum voices. Cartoon Network will start airing new episodes in the US in February 11th, 2006.

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January 20 2006

Daniel Dae Kim wins an Asian Excellence Award. The former Angel actor won 'Outstanding Male TV Performance' for his portrayal of Jin in Lost.

November 28 2005

Vote for Daniel Dae Kim in People Magazine's Sexiest Man Poll. It would be nice to see a new face win this poll rather than one of the standard crop of actors who are always on these polls.

September 19 2005

Lost wins Emmy for Best Drama Series. The show that had a lot of former verse scribes and one former verse actor walked away with television's top honor. Which leaves one to wonder had Buffy or Angel been on a bigger network would they have gotten more recognition. More...

August 18 2005

(SPOILER) Herc report on Lost event, has some Whedon related goodies. Daniel Dae Kim on Justice League and Evangeline Lilly ponders on Wonder Woman (spoilers for season 2 of Lost btw). More...

August 13 2005

Lost lawyer Gavin is found in 'The Cave'. Daniel Dae Kim co-stars in the new horror film 'The Cave' hitting theatres in the US on Aug 26.

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