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May 01 2013

Sofa Dogs Podcast Commentary for ANGEL: "Darla" with special guest Tim Minear. Due to positive feedback from the listeners and the success of the previous commentary for "Reprise", Tim returns to talk about directing his first episode of Angel, parallel story structure and tying together mythologies from the Buffy episode, "Fool For Love". More...

October 17 2011

"There's my boy" - an Angel essay. Smart Pop Book's free essay of the week comes from Five Seasons of Angel. A look at Angel and Darla's relationship through centuries

March 20 2011

Julie Benz Talks Buffy, Angel, Dexter, No Ordinary Family. TV Addict has coverage from Toronto Comic Con 2011.

December 27 2010

Buffy-palooza at Wizard World New Orleans ComicCon!! New Orleans Comic Con is next month, the 29-30. SIX "Buffy" cast members will be in attendance. Will you? More...

October 05 2010

"It Gets Better" - a video campaign. Julie Benz participates in the "It Gets Better" video campaign (sparked by the recent suicides of gay teens) and endorses The Trevor Project. More...

May 29 2010

Julie Benz wants to dethrone Eva Longoria Parker (for charity). Eva Longoria Parker and Julie Benz are going up against each other off-screen for a good cause. They're both participating in a scavenger hunt around Los Angeles in The Rally for Kids With Cancer.

April 24 2010

Julie Benz rallies for kids with Cancer. She will be participating in the Scavenger Cup on Saturday, July 31. She is looking for people to sponsor her in this worthwhile cause.

March 05 2010

Zap2It interviews Julie Benz. She talks about Dexter and her 'Desperate Housewives' character. Spoilers for Season 4 of Dexter.

January 03 2010

(SPOILER) Darla goes 'Desperate'. Julie Benz guest stars on Desperate Housewives. Spoilers for that show and the Dexter Season 4 finale.

December 18 2009

(SPOILER) Julie Benz Appears on "The Soup" to discuss "Dexter" finale in a humorous, but morbidish spoof. More...

November 06 2009

Julie Benz is just busy. Buzzy Multimedia spoke with her about her various roles and the common thread they seem to have. "Julie Benz is one of the sweetest-looking people on Planet Earth, and yet somehow she winds up in a lot of films and TV shows dealing with violence."

June 19 2009

What do you suppose Darla would think of Dexter? Julie Benz answers "I think she'd kill him. [Laughs.] No contest. She's a vampire! She's got superpowers! She would just suck the blood right out of him. She might turn him into a vampire: He'd be a fun playmate for her. And then he might kill her."

August 19 2008

Julie Benz talks Dexter, Rambo, and Buffy. Just in time for today's DVD release of Dexter's second season, USA Today's Whitney Matheson offers up a recent interview with Julie Benz. More...

January 25 2008

Julie Benz - Cornering the vigilante heroine market. Globe & Mail Interview for Rambo.

January 20 2008

Julie Benz survived camp Stallone - NY Daily News. "I was terrified, because someone had told me that if they think you smell good, they'll eat you!".

November 20 2007

Angel's Past... In Order! This amazing fan put together a chronological take of Angel (and Spike’s) past. More...

September 15 2007

DirecTV delivers Julie Benz's series Dexter for free this month on the 101. If you missed the 1st season on Dexter, here's your chance to see it for free on Directv Channel 101 this month, every night starting at 8pm. Leading up to Season 2 coming in October on Showtime. More...

May 19 2007

When Darla met Rambo. First look at Julie Benz on the set of Sylvester Stallone's new movie. And if you're curious to know more, Ain't It Cool News has a three and half minute Quicktime promo video of the movie for available for download.

May 12 2007

Dexter (starring Julie Benz) DVD now available for pre-order on Amazon. Also up for pre-order is Jeff Lindsay's third 'Dexter' book.

May 03 2007

(SPOILER) Julie Benz's series 'Dexter' will return to Showtime in October. They begin filming in late May. Julie told E!'s Kristen, "All I know is I have to deal with the implications of the shoe!" Also news on the DVD (R1) release coming in August. Spoiler alert is for other shows. More...

May 01 2007

Happy Birthday Darla and Graham! Julie Benz and Bailey Chase both turn 35 today in a Buffyverse stellar alignment.

November 27 2006

Words of wisdom. "Let's face it. Unless there's a web site called "," we're out of luck". More...

November 06 2006

Showtime takes a stab at a 2nd Season of 'Dexter'. The show featuring some 'verser talents like Julie Benz and Drew Z. Greenberg has been renewed for another season. It's also Showtime's top-rated series. More...

November 03 2006

Julie Benz chats about her new show 'Dexter'. She also mentions how much she misses playing Darla.

September 19 2006

Watch Dexter's pilot episode. The password is "Sneak Peek". Julie Benz (Darla) is in the pilot episode. (only accessible to those inside the United States). More...

August 28 2006

Julie Benz in a "Circle of Friends". Also starring Chris Kramer. Airs tonight at 9 on the Lifetime Network. More...

May 05 2006

'Circle of Friends' with Julie Benz. The production wraps up filming on May 10th in Montreal. It's a movie of the week thiller starring Julie. Look for it to air this fall on Lifetime Network in the US.

February 27 2006

Julie Benz on CSI: Miami tonight. Not sure if anyone posted this, but I figured I'd try and get it up here in time for the West Coast feed. Julie Benz is on tonight's episode of CSI: Miami.

October 11 2005

Pre-production sculpts of Sideshow Vamp Buffy, Dru and Darla. See what the figures looked like before they were put together and painted.

September 16 2005

Sideshow Darla pre-order - New updated photos (looks much better) & it comes in both the red & blue outfits. Both are very limited, even the non-exclusive!

September 09 2005

Sideshow Darla Preview - Sideshow's latest figure is Darla from her BtVS days. More...

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