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October 09 2014

David Krumholtz hired for a recurring role on CBS' "The Good Wife". He'll be recurring as Josh, a top campaign specialist, slated to start appearing on this season's ninth episode.

June 07 2013

David Krumholtz joins 'The Judge'. The movie, currently filming, stars Robert Downey, Jr., and is due in theaters in 2014.

September 13 2012

Clips from the first episode of David Krumholtz's new series, Partners. David Krumholtz bromance premieres Monday 24 Oct on CBS.

December 08 2011

David Krumholtz raising money for cancer charities this weekend. Our very own Mr. Universe is receiving thyroid cancer treatments this weekend, and will be tweeting and posting videos to raise money for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and others. "You all will be the only contact I am able to have with anyone for those 3 days. It starts [Friday] morning."

September 19 2011

Mr Bunny-verse. Was I the only one surprised to see David Krumholtz in tonight's premiere of The Playboy Club? More...

February 11 2010

David Krumholtz cast as lead in new comedy pilot for Fox. The still not officially titled project is known in trades as "Untitled Ron Howard IRS pilot".

February 05 2010

David Krumholtz's memories of Serenity. Mr Universe reveals what it was like turning up on the last two days of filming.

April 06 2007

Mr. Universe Will Write a Movie. David Krumholtz will write and star in "Attorneys at Raw," about lawyers who decide to become rappers. He'll also co-star with Jenna Fischer (of "Slither" and "The Office") in "Walk Hard," a spoof of movie biographies of musicians. More...

October 15 2006

Numb3rs Season 2 (R1) DVD was released this past week. The show stars 2 former verse guest Navi Rawat (Dana - Angel) and David Krumholtz (Mr Universe - Serenity). Navi got main cast credit in the 2nd season of the show. More...

May 27 2006

David Krumholtz's Lucky "Numb3rs". The first season of the hit CBS show starring Mr. Universe himself will be out on DVD May 30. More...

January 04 2006

A review of 'Kill the Poor'. A new film starring Mr. Universe himself, David Krumholtz. More...

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