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August 29 2011

Serenity Soundtrack signed by David Newman. Apparently he was at the signing yesterday.

May 16 2006

Episode 9 of the Signal. Features include: Tricks from the Training House; The Hidden Depths of David Newman's Soundtrack; Operation Sequel; Sci-Fi Review (Lost); and Music Section (Unsere-Crew Serenity)

March 23 2006

Kari and Les talks to David Newman. David Newman, the composer for Serenity, is interviewed in this weeks Signal More...

October 28 2005

Scoring the 'Verse with David Newman. The Serenity composer talks about his involvement in the movie (via Cinescape who also review the soundtrack and rate it very highly). has a review of the score as well and gives it 3 1/2 stars out of 4 (big spoilers in that link btw). More...

September 10 2005

Composer David Newman will talk about Serenity to journalist Daniel Schweiger, host of a new internet music radio show called On the Score. Newman is his first guest and you'll be able to tune in to the interview at on Monday, September 12.

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