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January 08 2017

The Story Toolkit's latest writing podcast: "Firefly: Out of Gas - Polarising the Cast". An in depth look at the craft of the Firefly episode "Out of Gas" written by Tim Minear and directed by David Solomon. More...

June 05 2010

Dollhouse gets entered for the Drama Series Emmy ballot. David Solomon ("Epitaph 2") is entered for Drama Directing and Fran Kranz is in for Drama Supporting Actor. More...

April 04 2010

"Epitaph One" nominated for a Hugo Award. It will be up against several episodes of Doctor Who and one of FlashForward.

October 09 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss the third episode of Dollhouse season 2. It's called 'Belle Chose' and it's written by Tim Minear and directed by David Solomon, the same people who brought you the Firefly episode 'Out Of Gas'. And the episode is now available to watch for free at FOX on Demand and Hulu and can be purchased at iTunes. More...

October 08 2009

(SPOILER) Two clips from Dollhouse 2x03 "Belle Chose". Dollverse has two interesting sneak peeks from the episode airing this Friday 9/8c on Fox. Another two clips can be found here and here.

July 31 2009

Tim Minear Wrote Episode Two of Dollhouse Season Two. David Solomon ("Out of Gas") is directing. More...

May 10 2008

Director David Solomon is in the [Doll]House. The fan blog Dollrific! notices that the former Buffy producer and 'Out Of Gas' director has joined the Dollhouse team.

September 24 2007

NBC's CHUCK Premieres tonight. Jayne fans across the globe can rejoice that Chuck, Adam Baldwin's new show starts tonight @ 8 on NBC. More...

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