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March 30 2013

Michelle Trachtenberg on Kathy live. Unfortunately, no Buffy mentions. She shows up at about 13:27.

August 24 2011

A Buffy portrait by Phil Noto. He's drawn Willow, Spike and Dawn as well.

August 09 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg is guest starring on Weeds next Monday. You get a glimpse of her in the trailer for next week's episode.

January 28 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg is latest Buffy alum to join Twitter. Confirmed by her former "Mercy" co-star James Van Der Beek. Please - don't let @ClareBerry know.

March 17 2010

IFmagazine interviews Michelle Trachtenberg. The actress talks about playing a nurse on the NBC series 'Mercy', researching the role and the Gail Berman/Buffy connection

June 30 2009

Michelle Trachtenberg to star with A Couple of Dicks. It's the new Kevin Smith movie. More...

June 23 2009

IGN interviews Michelle Trachtenberg. A short, but definitely link worthy interview with Michelle Trachtenberg about her upcoming series Mercy. More...

April 13 2009

This Friday: Dawn Meets Young Simon. As Zac Efron and Michelle Trachtenberg both co-star in the comedy "17 Again". More...

August 15 2008

Poor Dawnie. She's made the TWoP 10 Most Annoying TV Characters list! (At least she's near the bottom at #9...)

June 06 2008

Michelle Trachtenberg takes the wheel in ABC Family movie this Sunday. Buffy's sis is moving from Gossip Girl to stock car racing in The Circuit, which airs Sunday at 8 PM East and West. She's an up-and-coming racer who's dealing with her dad, whose career is fading, and a boyfriend who happens to also be a rival. The article explains how she got used to racing although she admits she doesn't like to battle the freeways. More...

May 18 2008

"The Circuit" starring Michelle Trachtenberg airs on ABC Family on June 8th.

April 26 2008

(SPOILER) Preview for Michelle Trachtenberg's debut 'Gossip Girl' episode. Features Michelle as she plays Georgina Sparks, a conniving, mysterious character with a dark secret from Serena's past.

December 17 2007

TV Without Pity compares "Razor" main character to Dawn. This is just a couple of lines. Jane Espenson was the co-executive producer on "Razor."

October 11 2007

Michelle Trachtenberg turns 22 today. Happy Birthday, Dawnie!

January 10 2007

Magic Shop girl! Michelle's line of jewellery. What did you think Dawnie did with all those pieces she stole from the Magic Shop? More...

November 30 2006

When is a retcon not a retcon? Screenwriter John August discovers the term "retcon" (where has he been living?) and wonders whether Dawn's introduction into "Buffy" was a retcon... or maybe something else. Discussion ensues.

October 15 2006

I hate everything about this whole night. Michelle Trachtenberg graces 'Go Fug Yourself'.

September 13 2006

What Were They Thinking? Dawn & Connor come in at #98 in this book's list of "100 Dumbest Events in Television History". Apparently the writer has something against 'brats in the Buffyverse'. More...

April 30 2006

DST Vamp Buffy, Chosen Buffy and Dawn early review. Michael Crawford's review on the new Dawn and Buffy figures. More...

April 04 2006

Michelle Trachtenberg on "House" tonight. Buffy's little sis will be Dr. House's latest patient tonight. She'll be a heart transplant recipient who gets a mysterious allergy despite living in a "clean" house.

October 11 2005

Happy 20th Birthday Michelle Trachtenberg.

October 01 2005 give us a good look at Buffy and Dawn figures with larger-than-life photos of the forthcoming line from Diamond, apart from Cheerleader Buffy and the Buffybot. (Thanks to Lior Knight at BTVSFigs.)

July 15 2005

Next Buffy Action Figure Line Announced! Dawn and many Buffy variants...Link has photos of four of the figures at end of article.

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