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April 04 2014

D.B. Woodside 'Suits' up. The former Principal Wood will have a multi-episode arc in the fourth season of the USA series.

October 15 2011

Robin's Angels. Sorry Charlie, not even Principal Wood could save the Angels. DB Woodside's guest turn aired just days before the series cancellation announcement.

October 08 2009

Principal Wood is a daddy! D.B. Woodside's daughter, Dakota Tao Brooks-Woodside, was born on Sept. 1st.

October 18 2007

DB Woodside's new series "Viva Laughlin" premieres tonight on CBS. Hopefully he can hold a tune, cause they'll be a lot of singing going on on this show. Based off the BBC's show Viva Blackpool. It is taking Without a Trace's spot on the CBS line-up before moving to it's normal spot on Sunday. More...

January 15 2007

New Season of '24', brings in more former verse guest into the fold. This time around Eric Balfour (Jessie from BtVS) re-joins the cast and DB Woodside as a series regulars. 24 had it's premiere this past Sunday and Monday night. Tick-Tock only 20 hours left. More...

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