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May 16 2008

Joss Whedon's stalled Wonder Woman used as an example of DC's cinematic frustration. "I'll bet the DC people were crying when that fell apart." More...

July 23 2006

No cross-talk between DC and Joss Whedon in regards to the Wonder Woman movie and comic book. Dan DiDio broke the news at DC's Big Three panel at Comic-Con.

June 19 2006

Superman/Batman #26 sells est. 118,821 copies. Superman/Batman #26, the Sam Loeb tribute issue, came in 10th in Quantity Ranking and 4th in Retail Rank with an estimated 118,821 issues sold. More...

June 04 2006

(SPOILER) Wonder Woman Comics. Probable cover art and information on new Wonder Woman comic series available in stores this Wednesday (June 7th). More...

July 13 2005

Joss Whedon writes introduction for DC's "Identity Crisis" Collection. New TPB collection from Brad Meltzer's 7-part "Identity Crisis" features introduction by Whedon. More...

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