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April 14 2013

Julie Benz discusses her new show. Interview with Julie Benz about her role as mayor in Syfy's new show Defiance.

March 31 2013

Canada's now showing the first 14 min of Julie Benz's new show Defiance. After initially not being available outside the U.S., the first 14 minutes of the TV series Defiance is now available for viewing on Canada's's website. More...

January 07 2013

New Defiance trailer for Syfy's action epic with Julie Benz. Here’s the new trailer for Syfy's upcoming major drama series Defiance. More...

December 15 2008

Alexa Davalos talks about her new movie "Defiance". This is a new historical drama starring Daniel Craig. (Video Interview).

November 02 2008

Five attention-getting turns. The New York Times praises Alexa Davalos for her performance in 'Defiance'.

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