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February 14 2013

Steven S. DeKnight interview on the final season of Spartacus. DeKnight along with two actors from Spartacus reflect on the final season of the show in this podcast interview. More...

July 15 2012

More details about Steven DeKnight's R-rated space opera incursion. DeKnight reveals details of his upcoming TV series.

October 27 2011

Tim Minear and Steven S. DeKnight on the Nerdist Writer's Panel! Recorded on June 19th, 2011, the panel also includes Harris Wittels (Parks and Recreation) and Megan Ganz (Community).

June 16 2010

Comic Con panel details for Steven DeKnight's Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Panel guests announced for Friday 7/23, as well as a "Wrath of Con" party with cast in attendance. More...

January 05 2010 tags Spartacus: Blood And Sand as one of January's Best New TV Shows. "Could very well prove the Not At All Guilty Pleasure of the season." More...

December 21 2009

DeKnight gets some Whedony company on his new series 'Spartacus'. Maurissa Tancharoen & Jed Whedon will be joining DeKnight on the series. Which cable channel Starz's has already renewed, before the pilot has even aired.

August 03 2009

Showrunners protest the removal of live presentation of writing awards at the Emmys. Jane Espenson, Steve DeKnight,David Fury and Jeffrey Bell among them.

July 25 2009

Trailer for Stephen DeKnight's Spartacus: Blood and Sand now online (NSFW). This is the trailer that premiered yesterday at the Comic Con panel. More...

February 03 2009

(SPOILER) MySpace Dark Horse Presents "Vampy Cat Play Friend". The special tie-in for Buffy Season 8 #22 Swell. Story written by Steven S. DeKnight and illustrated by Camilla D'Errico.

May 24 2007

Parts 1 and 2 of a 3 part Steven S DeKnight interview. "When I write Lois I dip into my Buffy and Angel brain". Spoilers if you are still catching up on Smallville Season 6. More...

June 01 2006

"Smallville" season five DVD comes out September 12. Commentary on the episode "Splinter" with James Marsters and former BTVS/ATS writer Steve DeKnight. More...

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