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"You got a real addiction to the brooding part of life, did anyone ever tell ya that?"
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July 31 2007

Dinner with Joss - another account. Great write-up from someone else who was at the dinner on Friday.

July 28 2007

Suzanne Brockmann confirms Dinner with Joss. Just ran across a reposting of Suzanne Brockmann's enewsletter that confirms she was the winner of 2 seats at dinner last night. (This was also confirmed more publicly on her site.) Details are in item #2, about halfway down the page. More...

July 11 2007

Last day of the Dinner with Joss auction. Current bids for the five dinner spots stand at well over $9000 each (a couple are at $11000).

July 02 2007

eBay Auctions Open for Dinner with Joss, other whedonverse items. AuctionCause has opened the eBay auction for Dinner with Joss (!). Auctions are also open for other Whedonverse items. More...

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