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"To coin a popular Sunnydale phrase, 'duh'!"
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May 25 2010

60B-cast's podcast discussion about all of Joss' shows. They rank their favourite moments, episodes, heroes, villains, deaths, and a lot more so, if you're interested, click on the link. More...

October 16 2009

Tonight: Joss and Felicia visit the Egyptian Theatre in LA. They'll be having a "discussion" after screenings of Dr. Horrible and The Guild season two. The fun starts at 8:00 Pacific. More...

April 18 2006

Discussion on Wonder Woman at It seems Morena is coming out on top so far! Lots of usual names being mentioned and some (I think) new ones.

March 07 2003

Round-table discussion of Season 7 (thru January) by four of the leading Buffy scholars-- David Lavery, Rhonda Wilcox, James B. South, and Stephanie Zacharek. More...

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