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October 04 2010

Dollhouse comic 'Epitaphs' to come with Season 2 DVD in the UK. As confirmed by HMV. It also comes with the Season 2 Blu-ray and the Complete Series Blu-ray and DVD boxset.

August 07 2009

Dollhouse DVD enters the top ten on the first week of release. According to Nielsen VideoScan, it came in at no. 9 with a Blu-ray share of 20%. More...
(SPOILER) Salon critic reviews "Epitaph One". "Epitaph One" is the Holy Grail of "Dollhouse", its darkest and most promising episode. And Felicia Day is "America's biggest geek crush".

May 12 2009

Dollhouse DVD details revealed. Includes commentary for Ghost, Man on the Street and Epitaph One.The unaired pilot is also included. Plus five featurettes and deleted scenes.

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