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September 18 2009

Last day to bid on 11 DVD Set All Signed By Nathan Fillion. Ebay auction supporting The Kids Need to Read Foundation. More...

August 06 2008

The Utah Browncoats Can't Stop the Serenity Event (w/ special guests). The Utah Browncoats Can't Stop the Serenity (CSTS) event is Wednesday, August 6, 2008 at Brewvies from 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm! Done The Impossible creators & a graphic designer on Serenity will be there.

May 17 2008

Advertising the Impossible. Done The Impossible will run advertisements during the episodes of Firefly on Universal HD, starting tonight. They have a total of four different ads. The ads contain some footage not found anywhere else (including the Done the Impossible DVD). They are also running a sale in celebration of their new ads.

November 17 2007

The "Done the Impossible" Easter Egg list in its entirety! Brian Wiser releases a list of all of the Easter Eggs on the "Done the Impossible" (aka DTI) DVD, all in one place! More...

April 13 2007

Done the Impossible making the film festival rounds. DTI will be showing at multiple film festivals over the next couple months, including Sci-Fi London. More...

March 23 2007

Serenity at Indianapolis International Film Festival. Serenity, Done the Impossible, and much more will be part of the festival!
Done the Impossible folks donate $5000 to Equality Now! From the site "Thanks to and in the name of Browncoats around the world who purchased our DVD, Done The Impossible has donated $5,000 to Equality Now." Also, the DVD reached the rank of 259 on Amazon. Not too shabby. More...

February 09 2007

Scifi Weekly review Done the Impossible. Finally.

September 20 2006

Done the Impossible Fan Documentary Now Listed on Amazon. This should help to expose Firefly to even more people now that it's available on such a major website.

August 31 2006

"Done the Impossible" reviewed at DVD Verdict. A decent mark of 79%.

August 08 2006

"Done the Impossible" reviewed at A very thorough look at the Firefly fan documentary. Praise for the extras, not so much for the documentary itself.

August 05 2006

Done the Impossible legal bit torrent gets some attention. Beyond the fact that the idea of the documentary is well received, the idea there is a legal bit torrent download gets some appreciation. More...

August 01 2006

Movie Web site Cinematical talks about Done The Impossible. The site talks about getting the film free via FreeTorrent and encourages folks to still buy the DVD.

July 22 2006

Done The Impossible goes BitTorrent download. And a legal torrent at that - "..because modern copyrights are so restrictive, nobody dares do anything that *might* infringe on somebody's oh so holy copyright. Thus, we have chosen to not go down that road with our documentary. Enjoy it, share it, re-mix it all you like!". Torrent - here. Buy the DVD with extras, etc - here.

July 18 2006

Done The Impossible starts shipping TODAY. Jeremy posted this from "The discs arrived back from the replicator TODAY! There's nothing quite like holding a years worth of work in your hands. :) We will begin shipping discs out later today, in the order in which they were received. We should have them all out the door in about a week. Also to those that have already ordered, thank you. Be sure to check out the DVD-ROM."

July 14 2006

Done the Impossible finished! The fan documentary on the Browncoats DVD is finally ready, and will begin shipping in 7-14 days (after the 11th). More...

May 30 2006

"Serenity" documentary could be done before Comic-Con. The producers of "Done the Impossible" have a production update on their site. They've been very busy, but they say they are making progress. They also announce that, barring any new snags, they will be ready to ship the DVD before July 20th, before Comic-Con.

March 03 2006

Creators of "Done The Impossible" on next Slice of SciFi Podcast. On Mar 7, Slice of SciFi Show #47 will feature the creators and crew of the Firefly/Serenity documentary "Done The Impossible". You can capture this show on your podcatcher, or just listen online. More...

February 11 2006

IESB reviews 'Done The Impossible'. " interesting look at a sub-culture that doesn't seem so sub, but rather a bunch of normal people impressed to death with Whedon's work. I recommend it to anyone who has any interest in Firefly or Serenity."

January 11 2006

World Premiere of Done The Impossible. At long last! The world premiere of our much-anticipated fan documentary. Premiering at WonderCon, one of the formemost media cons in the US, Feb. 10th in San Francisco More...

November 15 2005

New Trailer for Done the Impossible. Check out the new & improved, up-to-the-gills-in-BDHs trailer for Done the Impossible (fan documentary on Firefly & Serenity). Plus, find out about the REAL Nathan Fillion behind the smiling facade. More...

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