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February 28 2017

Doug Petrie talks about working on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It's the latest podcast in the Big Bad Buffy Interviews series.

August 14 2014

The ultimate guide to this fall's science fiction and fantasy TV. Several Whedonverse writers and actors are involved with these shows.

May 13 2013

Buffy writers reunite for Hollywood Reporter article. This story was first hinted by David Fury on May 4th, there's a picture and a video. More...

May 02 2013

Doug Petrie joins American Horror Story. According to Tim Minear on Facebook last night, the writer and/or producer on Buffy and Angel (and Professor Normal in Dr. Horrible) joins the FX show, where Minear is a writer and producer, for season three.

September 01 2011

Nerdist Writers Panel #5: Douglas Petrie, Alexa Junge, Josh Friedman & Michael Green. "Questions begin with 'W's, not with 'I's." "That should be on the gates at Comicon!" More...

May 28 2011

Doug Petrie in The Nerdist Writers Series on May 29th. Doug Petrie, Josh Friedman, Michael Green, and Alexa Junge discuss TV writing, moderated by Ben Blacker of "The Thrilling Adventure Hour" (under the auspices of The Nerdist Chris Hardwick, Joss Whedon's former neighbor). More...

May 06 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #25. This story is penned by Doug Petrie ("Fool For Love", "Bad Girls", "Beneath You"). The Buffy Season 8 Volume 4 "Time of Your Life" tpb also comes out in comic book shops today.

February 05 2009

(SPOILER) Cover art and info for Buffy #25. Blimey. This one is penned by Doug Petrie.

December 03 2008

(SPOILER) Doug Petrie wrote tonight's Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies crossover. On tonight's Doug Petrie-scripted episode of Pushing Daisies, entitled "Comfort Food," Beth Grant reprises her role as Marianne Marie Beetle, previously seen in the Wonderfalls episode "Muffin Buffalo." More...

May 31 2007

"It's unbelievably important": 'Flooded' as a blueprint episode. A major look at this Buffy season 6 episode.

April 20 2007

Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie and The Batman. Part one of the fourth season Batman finale (written by the two Buffy writers) airs April 28th on Kid's WB! at 10.30am.

October 08 2006

Doug Petrie helped write last week's C.S.I.. Buffy producer/story editor Doug Petrie is credited for work on the teleplay for the unusual October 5th episode of C.S.I. More...

September 30 2006

(SPOILER) More info about Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie on 'The Batman'. Looks like the folks at KidsWB roped in a couple of writers we know and love for the much-improved "The Batman".

August 16 2006

(SPOILER) Doug Petrie joins CSI writing staff. According to TV Guide's Mike Ausiello, the former Buffy writer has been "given what my source calls "a very free hand" to bring a wilder take to the storytelling" (as usual Mike's column contains spoilers for umpteen US shows such as more info about Amber Benson's role in Supernatural). More...

July 28 2006

Jane Espenson and Doug Petrie will write episodes for The Kids' WB "The Batman". Scroll to midway of the page.

June 04 2006

The 4400 marathon on USA network today. The 2 part episode featuring Summer Glau will be on at 1 and 2 pm. And they'll be showing one of the episodes Doug Petrie scribed at 7 pm.

September 29 2005

Good news for two shows featuring previous ME alums. Prison Break gets a full season order and The 4400 is renewed for another 13-episode season. More...

July 25 2005

Last Night's "The 4400" written by Doug Petrie. The episode will be shown again on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on USA Network.

July 06 2005

Doug Petrie's role in the script development of Fantastic Four. An interesting LA Times piece about the odyssey of the FF script and DP's role therein. More...

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