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"Angel's lame! His hair goes straight up, and he's bloody stupid!"
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August 19 2011

Macbeth on Audio Download. Download available of James Marsters performing Macbeth for L.A. Theatre Works. More...

March 07 2009

Watch Dollhouse episode 4 'Gray Hour' on Fox on Demand. Missed it last night? It's online at FOD. Or watch it on Hulu. It's also available for download on iTunes in SD and HD. More...

September 14 2007

Download pilot of "Chuck" (starring Adam Baldwin) from Amazon's Unbox for *free*! Downloads to your computer or straight to your TiVo. More...

February 26 2007

Download 'Firefly' legally with Bittorrent. Along with something wacky called 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer', and 'Angel'. More...

June 13 2006

Buffy and Firefly to be available to download at CinemaNow. Fox Entertainment and CinemaNow just signed a deal to make movies and tv shows (including Buffy and Firefly) available to download for $1.99 per episode from Buffy isn't up there yet, but it will be eventually.

April 27 2006

GeekIntertainment's Buffy Season 5: part 1 BuffCast is now Online. "An overly optimistic look at Season 5. We discuss the first 12 episodes of season 5, complete with a breakdown of how the characters progressed, and which episodes we thought were the best (No Brainer: Fool for Love!)"

March 23 2006

Universal UK announce legal movie download service - with Serenity and King Kong. In a fairly groundbreaking industry move (which is basically expensive to the point nobody will use it), you'll be able to download some of the best movies of the year from April 10.

February 22 2006

Part 1 of The Buffy Season 4 GeekIntertainment BuffCast is Now Online. This episode focuses on the first 11 episodes of Buffy Season 4.

January 15 2006

Download Serenity from Movielink. Starting Feb 2, you can legally download the movie to your computer. More...

October 20 2005

Whedonesque Widget. I just noticed this over at the Apple Dashboard website. It's for all Macintosh Tiger (10.4) users. More...

September 29 2005

All together now: 'I'm going to see Serenity'. Dan Sehane, a songwriter from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is so excited about going to see Serenity he recorded a song about it with his band. Free to download or stream. More...

August 16 2005

Buffy Buffcast Season 1. I came across this while I was looking through podcasts and I figured that you all might enjoy it. It's like The Succubus Club and is about an hour long but there's only going to be seven installments. One for each season. Hope you enjoy.

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