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"Are you saying I'm some sort of Viking?"
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March 02 2012

Tim Minear on Redemptioncast. The Angel-themed "Introcast" (a podcast featuring hosts that are new to a series, recording their impressions after initial viewing, while being spoiler-free) is joined by Tim Minear to discuss the Doyle-focused episode, "Hero".

September 11 2006

Doyle Related Comic HI-larious web comic sees Doyle continuing to save the day whatever dimension the comic's own personal star and "hero" Johnny Guadeloupe battles. More...

July 25 2006

New Comics from IDW this week. A new Angel Scriptbook, the Doyle one-shot and issue #4 of Spike vs. Drac, all with pages and cover art. More...

September 27 2005

MSN lists TV's most shocking deaths. And not one but two Slayerverse characters make the list! More...

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