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March 08 2010

Felicia Day is Red Riding Hood: Werewolf Hunter on SyFy in 2011. Syfy's plans to reimagine classic fairy tales into action movies continues with "Red". Felicia will play Red Riding Hood, who introduces her fiance to her family of werewolf hunters. When he gets bitten by a werewolf, she's torn between her duty and her love for him.

December 31 2008

Dr. Horrible's Commentary! ode to Ninja Ropes flatters the game's author. (Click the link to play Ninja Ropes) - Sarkscape, author of Ninja Ropes is a big fan of Firefly, and thanks the Dr. Horrible team for including the game. They especially thank Nathan Fillion for his costume at the recent LA screening. More...

December 09 2008

People's Choice - Vote for Dr. Horrible. Saw this the other day, and it seems to have slipped through the cracks. Most of the categories are closed, but they made one for on line sensation and the Dr. is nominated. Vote now. Vote often.

May 18 2008

(SPOILER) Nathan Fillion in Desperate Housewives Season Finale on Sunday. Article contains the words bloody, gun, sinister, creepy, tragedies. Sounds like a perfect episode for Nathan. More...

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