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September 03 2012

Whedon protestors at Dragon*Con. Down with this sort of thing.

July 28 2012

Learn to act from Tara! Amber Benson is scheduled to teach a two-day workshop on acting; cost is $250, plus Dragon*Con membership, and is limited to 20 participants.

September 07 2009

Videos from Dragon*con Buffy Panels. You Tube videos from Buffy Panels with Kristy Swanson, Felicia Day, James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, and Julie Benz. Friday panel. Saturday panel. More...

September 03 2009

Jayne Knit-a-Thon Prize Drawing. Don't have to be at Dragon*Con, you can pledge online to qualify for drawing. All proceeds go to The Kids Need to Read Foundation.

September 01 2009

Browncoats: Redemption Dragon*Con 2009 panel & trailer announcement. More information about the highly anticipated fan film can be found in this interview at Fantasy Magazine.

April 30 2009

Felicia Day joins Dragon*Con guest list. She joins an ever-growing list of Whedonverse stars at the Atlanta 'con. Keep an eye on the Whedon Universe track website for more.

April 15 2009

Christopher Golden Confirmed for Dragon*Con 2009. Christopher Golden, author of many Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel media tie-in novels, will be attending Dragon*Con 2009, according to Dragon*Con's website. More...

August 30 2008

James Marsters talks Dragon Ball at Dragon*Con. Geeks of Doom has snippets of info from his Q&A.

August 24 2008

All good things.... Jewel Staite is NOT married to Matthew Fox. Onward to Dragon*Con and the future!

April 06 2008

James Marsters is coming to Dragon*Con 2008! I was just checking the official list on the con's website again, and look who was just added! More...

September 11 2007

Extensive and illustrated Dragon*Con 2007 report. girlpire's report is once again replete with accounts of panels, pics, and videos. Here are direct links to parts two and three. More...

September 03 2007

Pics of the Buffyverse cast at Dragon*Con. If you didn't get to go at the weekend, now's your chance to gaze at some lovely pics of James Marsters, Elisabeth Rohm, Ken Feinberg and Juliet Landau (courtesy of RavenU). More...

July 09 2007

Juliet Landau added to Dragon*Con guest list. She joins fellow Whedon-alum James Marsters, Mark A. Sheppard and Ron Glass at the event, which takes place Aug 31 - Sept 3 in Atlanta. More...

August 22 2006

Official Browncoat shindig at Dragon*Con. The SEBC has just announced they've been approved for an official shindig at D*C next week. Shiny! More...

June 17 2006

New Episode of the "After Serenity" Podcast is Available. The newest episode, episode 4, goes into detail on the Judge and Author guidelines for the After Serenity campaign. The podcast also includes news about the Serenity RPG, Passport to the Jade Pool, and David, then Erin, contract Dragon's Landing-itis.

September 06 2005

Fan report from Dragon*Con. Great writeup over at Lovely snippets of info from Jewel, Ron, Morena and Adam. More...

August 19 2005

A fan's review of Serenity: The Official Visual Companion. "An absolutely must have". And in some what very tenuously related news, Dragon*Con has announced that Nathan Fillion will not be appearing due to professional commitments. More...

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