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September 03 2011

Felicia poses with the largest Jayne hat EVER! Felicia posted this picture on twitter of her posing with the Super-sized Jayne hat (she has been posing for photos with lots of humorous costumes at DragonCon). I wish I was there!

August 29 2011

Eliza Dushku added as a last minute guest at Dragon Con. The annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia USA is being held this year September 2-5.

November 17 2010

Ma Cobb's been busy: a fan's take on Jayne's shiny hat. Blastr's Image of the Day shows off just how dedicated we Browncoats can be when it comes to con cosplay! More...

January 17 2010

James Marsters attending DragonCon 2010. James' official website confirmed today that he will once again be attending the conference being held September 3-5 2010 in Atlanta, GA.

April 06 2008

James Marsters is coming to Dragon*Con 2008! I was just checking the official list on the con's website again, and look who was just added! More...

September 22 2007

Mark Sheppard on Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Mr. Badger Fancyhat, Esq.TM speaks at a DragonCon panel about his experiences working on Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, and has some nice things to say about Joss. More...

September 09 2007

Message from James Marsters on his official sites. James posts a message of thanks to fans who attended Dragoncon. More...

July 24 2007

You can help stroke James Marsters, well his ego anyway. Over on a Marsters' fan site, a fan is putting together a photo book to give to James at Dragon*Con for his Birthday. She's looking for submissions of photos of James taken by fans, as well as some James stories to add to the book. More...

July 06 2007

Browncoats' Yearbook Announced. The Southeastern Browncoats have created a shiny yearbook with proceeds going to charity. Firefly fans everywhere will enjoy over 500 photos on 170 pages, showcasing events, art, and a few interviews too :-)

March 28 2006

New Whedonverse Dragon*con Guests Confirmed! Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Andy Hallett, and James Leary have been added to Dragon*con's confirmed list of guests! More...

September 04 2004

Report from ringside at DragonCon. Read about the shaky set! Attendee was "very impressed" by con where Nathan, Jewel and Adam entertained: "These guys talk about Joss Whedon like he can control when the tide comes in." Another posted link to con images in same thread. More...

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