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April 19 2009

New James Marsters video interview about "Dragonball: Evolution". The Inside Reel speaks to James Marsters and Jamie Chung about "Dragonball: Evolution". Mostly about their characters in relation to the anime.

April 08 2009

"He is Piccolo, there's no one else that can play Piccolo but James." Article at VH-1 on Dragonball that descibes James' die-hard knowledge of the series on set, and how "it was a little intimidating."

April 07 2009

Five Favourite Films with James Marsters. William the Bloody shares his five favo(u)rite films with Rotten Tomatoes!

March 25 2009

James Marsters: From Spike to Brainiac. IGN speaks to James about his roles on Buffy, Torchwood and Smallville. There's also another IGN interview where he speaks about his new movie Dragonball: Evolution.

December 12 2008

Piccolo and Mai on a Rock. A new picture of James Marsters as Piccolo in the big screen adaptation of the cartoon show Dragonball.

November 12 2008

(SPOILER) New pics of James Marsters as Piccolo. Good quality stills from the highly anticipated Dragonball movie. In related news, reports that the movie will now be released on April 8th 2009.

September 02 2008

Dragonball Poster and Movie Trailer Stills revealed. We can see James Marsters as Piccolo. More...

July 08 2008

(SPOILER) Interview with James Marsters about his role in Dragonball. Nice interview with James, translated from the August edition of the Japanese magazine Jump Square, with rather charming results. More...

April 28 2008

First look at "Dragonball" poster! First look at the promotional campaign for James Marsters upcoming "Dragonball" film! More...

April 09 2008

(SPOILER) First look at James Marsters in 'Dragonball'. Well most of him anyhow.

January 17 2008

James Marsters speaks to TV Guide about 'Dragonball'. "In the January 21-28, 2008 issue of TV Guide actor James Marsters (Spike, Buffy/Angel, Brainiac, Smallvile) spoke about his involvement in 'Dragonball', a live action adaptation of the Weekly Shonen JUMP title by Akira Toriyama (directed and written by James Wong)".

November 13 2007

James Marsters cast in Dragonball Movie. James to play Piccolo in the live action Dragonball movie. James Wong to direct, with the movie set for release next summer.

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