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July 20 2011

Unlucky 13 - Marsters out, Glover in. After being the voice of the first 12 Harry Dresden novels - and therefor the voice of Harry Dresden, whose point of view the novels are primarily told from - the chain is broken and James Marsters will not be reading GHOST STORY, the 13th Dresden novel. When the audiobook drops on August 4th it'll be read by John Glover, most recently from Smallville but who once played a demon even more well-known than Spike. More...

January 20 2007

Spend a 'Summer Knight' listening to James Marsters. The new audiobook from Jim Butcher's Dresden series as read by James Marsters is now up for pre-order. If you cannot wait to hear it, they have put up 3 chapters you can download.

November 03 2005

No Marsters for Dresden Role. "Thanks to everyone who helped to push James for "Dresden Files". They have set British actor Paul Blackthorne."

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