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October 25 2010

Dresden Files narrated by James Marsters on iTunes. First two books in the series on sale on iTunes for only $5.95. More...

September 12 2008

Viral Ad for Buzzy Multimedia features James Marsters. Listen to JM (reading the Dresden Files) and others in this viral ad for Buzzy MultiMedia Books. More...

March 21 2007

James Marsters' blooopers from the recording sessions for Summer Knight audiobook. Amusing out takes from James Marsters' recording of the Dresden Files audio book "Summer Knight" Link goes to James Marsters' official site. More...

January 21 2007

Review of 'Dresden Files', draws comparisons to Buffy and Angel. reviews the supernatural sleuth series from the SCIFI channel, praises BtVS and Angel.

December 11 2006

Summer Knight audio book. Free Download of James Marsters' reading chapter one of the Jim Butcher book. More...

November 02 2006

Summer Knight, behind the scenes. June Williams, Vice President of Buzzy Multimedia, answers some questions regarding James Marsters involvement in the Dresden recordings. More...

July 08 2006

We Have Our Summer Knight. James Marsters has been announced to read the fourth book in The Dresden Files series, "Summer Knight." (reg. req.) More...

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