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March 17 2015

Mutant Enemy writers room reunion from the Nerdist Writers Panel series. Ben Blacker (of Nerdist) reunites an illustrious team of script writers. More...

September 08 2014

Drew Z. Greenberg signs on for Agents of SHIELD. The Buffy and Firefly writer teased the news earlier on today.

October 30 2013

Drew Greenberg talks about being a gay writer in Hollywood. He was interviewed by The Backlot as one of their 40 Influential Gay Men in Television. He mentions writing a certain Buffy scene as one of his favorite things about his job.

June 24 2013

Anthony Stewart Head on tonight's Warehouse 13! Drew Z. Greenberg just tweeted to remind us to watch Tony Head on Warehouse 13.

September 11 2012

(SPOILER) Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg talk more about yesterday's Buffy news. io9 were curious about it so they asked Drew and Jane some follow-up questions.

September 10 2012

(SPOILER) Meet the first gay male Slayer. Jane Espenson and Drew Z. Greenberg tell all.

July 09 2012

(SPOILER) Cover art for Jane Espenson & Drew Z. Greenberg's Buffy Season 9 story. That would be issue 14 which is out in October (Georges Jeanty's variant cover can be found here). The cover art and info for Spike #3 , which is also out that month, can be found here and here. More...

August 01 2011

Ten questions for Drew Z. Greenberg. The former Mutant Enemy writer talks about Buffy, Smallville, Clone Wars, Warehouse 13 and more.

August 20 2009

Drew Z. Greenberg series Warehouse 13 is renewed on SyFy for a 2nd season. The former Buffy and Firefly scribe is one of the series writers and producers. Jane E. is still also credited as one of the creators.

July 11 2009

Drew Z. Greenberg joins Jane Espenson's Caprica. So says Jane herself on Twitter just a couple of minutes ago.

March 04 2009

(SPOILER) For the discussion of Buffy #23. Come with us now, if you will, gentle readers. Join us on a new voyage of the mind, a little tale we like to call: "Buffy, A Slayer of the Vampyrs".

January 30 2009

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 8 #23 preview pages. Dark Horse posted two pages for "Predators and Prey".

November 07 2008

(SPOILER) Solicitation info and covers for Buffy #23. This issue is written by Drew Z. Greenberg, and is centered on an unusual duo. More...

November 04 2008

Drew Z. Greenberg announced as part of production and writing team for "Warehouse 13". The show is slated to debut in July 2009, with the pilot which was penned by Jane Espenson, who left the show earlier this year. More...

April 05 2006

Drew Z. Greenberg now a writer for 'Dexter' according to Jane Espenson. He wrote a number of Buffy episodes, most notably 'Smashed' and 'The Killer in Me'. His new show is on Showtime and according to Zap2it, it's about "a forensics expert for the Miami Metro police who moonlights as a killer". More...

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