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March 10 2014

Energy Times interview with Juliet Landau. "Healthy living is integral to this actress and producer’s personal life AND craft."

May 12 2011

Juliet Landau is in a staged reading of "A Streetcar Named Desire". It is being held Saturday, June 4 at 8:00pm - June 5 at 8:00pm at the Lillian Theatre in Hollywood, CA. This is a pay-what-you-can event with ALL proceeds going to "Equality Now".

March 12 2010

Juliet Landau talks with Dawn Didawick. Juliet interviews Dawn Didawick (for you Buffy fans…the Mayor’s real life wife). In her series of interviews of the creative process of those she admires.

February 26 2010

IFmagazine interviews Juliet Landau. The actress talks about her new Gary Oldman documentary, promo interviews with genre actors and posing for Kat Von D. Then there is another interview over at Buzzy Multimedia Blog.

January 29 2010

Juliet Landau's directorial debut will "Take Flight" on Feb 25th. That is the date it will be available to order on DVD. For information on the documentary visit

April 19 2009

Video of Juliet Landau singing at FX Show this weekend. She is with Jason Miller from the Godhead video she did (Hero), they dedicated a song in memory of Andy Hallett. Also some video clips of James Marsters' Q and A from the same event. More...

February 06 2009

(SPOILER) IDW announces major news for the Angelverse. A new Spike series by Brian Lynch and a Dru two-parter by Brian Lynch and Juliet Landau! Also more details about Illyria appearing in Fallen Angel.

May 14 2008

See Juliet Landau's "In Flight" in Detroit this Friday and Saturday. Be the first to see the documentary Juliet did about Gary Oldman. She is screening it at the Motor City con this weekend, where she is introducing the film and then doing a Q & A after the film. And click here to read an interview with her. More...

September 02 2007

Juliet Landau's official website now open. This weekend Juliet mentioned the launch of her new site, she is selling items on the site to raise money to help fund her own independent projects.

December 21 2006

Trailer for Juliet Landau's new movie 'Hack'. Looks to be a straight to DVD movie but she is featured heavily in the trailer. More...

September 24 2006

Chiller Theatre adds a gentleman and a vamp to their Halloween line-up. Juliet Landau and Camden Toy are appearing at the event in Secaucus, N.J. on Oct 27-29,2006.

August 02 2006

BE Scared with Andy Hallett and fall under the spell of Juliet Landau at the Bash. Andy is the latest guest to be added to BE Scared in Burbank, CA in Oct. Also, Juliet will be joining Alexis for the Bash in the Bluegrass State in June 2007. Tickets for both events onsale now.Update: Booster now offering GA tickets for Blowout. More...

March 30 2006

Happy Birthday to Juliet Landau. Bringing us the most insane vampire in the verse and we love her for it. Hmmm, wonder whatever happen to Dru, don't you? She turns 41 today.

January 26 2006

Dru brings some Gentlemen to HauntX. The Horror, Haunt, and Halloween expo in LA, California, Feb. 17-19th. The event has scared up Juliet Landau, Camden Toy, and Doug Jones from the verse, with many others from the horror genre.

October 11 2005

Pre-production sculpts of Sideshow Vamp Buffy, Dru and Darla. See what the figures looked like before they were put together and painted.

July 14 2005

Sideshow Drusilla Pre-order now available - And there's a full picture of her and a description of the accessories she comes with. More...

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