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November 01 2011

Bid to win an "In Your Eyes" walk-on role. The auction supports The Adrienne Shelly Foundation.

September 26 2010

Adrienne Shelly Foundation once-in-a-lifetime celebrity experiences Charity Auction. Including a Birthday phone call from Bones stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz and Castle Set Visit. Nathan Fillion wrote "Wanna come meet me?" .

March 26 2010

Eliza Dushku updates charity auction. New auctions include a 10 minute video chat with Eliza herself, and signed, personalized photos.

March 18 2010

Eliza Dushku auctions swag for charity. A live auction containing items belonging to Eliza is now underway on ebay by fanporium auctions. Proceeds will go to the Camp Hale Alumni Association. More...

February 02 2010

Official Dollhouse auctions continue. This week's selection includes three labcoats, and some of the USB drive lanyards from the series finale Epitaph Two.

January 25 2010

Bid on a chance to visit the set of Nathan Fillion's show Castle. Just read on about two chances to bid on a set visit to ABC's Castle to benefit the Relational Center in Los Angeles.
Other auction: Ebay Auction 2

July 04 2009

Aids Walk Ebay Auction of signed Dr Horrible poster. Signed by Joss Whedon, Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day. More...

April 09 2009

Bid for lunch with Nathan Fillion. The auction runs through April 16. All proceeds benefit The Adrienne Shelly Foundation. More...

April 18 2008

Original Pages from Serenity: Better Days #1 for auction. Pencils by Will Conrad, 5 pages listed.

April 01 2008

THE Original Browncoat back up on eBay. Some of you may recall a few years ago when Shawna Trpcic and Jonathan Logan auctioned off the original screen-worn browncoat for $12,000. Well, now it's back up on the auction block. With a $300 starting big and no reserve! More...

March 10 2008

Thrice Mentioned Whedon in this week's "Lying in the Gutters." We're called "fanboygirls" from the man who made the biggest noise over Buffy #12 in previous installments of his Comic Book Resources column. Also what Australians are paying on eBay and there's some "Wonder Woman" fallout as well. More...

May 08 2007

Special Auctions for charity from You can win a signed "You're Welcome" script or a signed one-of-a-kind event poster. More...

August 26 2006

Shindig script raises $2,750 for charity in California Browncoats eBay auction. After hovering at around $760 for several days, generous Browncoat bidders raised the final price for Adam Baldwin's autographed original shooting script for the Firefly episode Shindig to an amazing $2,750, all for charity. Currently up for bid: Safe, which at the moment has a bid of around $960. More...

January 04 2005

Lorne's Gold Suit from "Not Fade Away" on eBay The item includes the suit coat and pants, and comes with an Official Certificate of Authenticity from Fox. More...

December 04 2004

Original Hero Ray Gun Prop From BUFFY. "The ray gun features the removable diamond, as well as the wooden stand." Has no bids but they want $3000 to start and a $5,500 "Buy it now" option!

June 16 2004

Bid on a lock of James Marster's hair. As organised by the Angel's Food Drive people to help raise money for The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. More...

February 19 2004

Last Platinum Ticket on Ebay for Oakland Slayercon and with only 3 days left it's already over $4000 US dollars.(Edited current price - at the time of original posting it was over $2000) More...

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