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May 24 2014

Joss Whedon shows solidarity with Edgar Wright. Joss tweeted a pic of him holding up a Cornetto. Yesterday it was announced that Edgar had parted from the Ant-Man movie.

September 10 2011

A smorgasbord of talent at Joss Whedon's house. Nathan Fillion tweets a pic of him, Felicia Day, Tony Head, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright at Joss' house.

June 21 2010

Edgar Wright talks about that meeting with Joss Whedon. Remember this tweet from ages ago? Well Edgar reveals a bit more to MTV's Splash Page and thinks "it's exciting" that Joss is directing The Avengers.

April 16 2010

Edgar Wright tweets that he met Joss Whedon. Pop culture media starts to go into a tizzy over speculation about Ant-Man and Avengers movies.

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