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July 30 2008

More 'Tooned Up' Buffy statues. Three new statues by Electric Tiki are available for pre-ordering: 'End of Days' Buffy, Glory and Dark Willow. More...

May 09 2008

Tooned Up Willow released. Sideshow releases Tooned Up Willow for preorder. Looks like her famous season 5 pose from the scene where she attacks Glory in Episode 19, "Tough Love". More...

February 18 2008

Sneak peak at Electric Tiki's 'Vengeance Willow'. Our favourite witch gets all tooned up.

October 13 2007

Wizard Magazine's Toy of the Day. Electric Tiki's cartoon depiction of Buffy comes in for some praise.

August 10 2007

Tooned Up Buffy statue now available for pre-order. Designed by Electric Tiki, it's the Buffster depicted as a cartoon figure.

March 22 2007

SlayAlive Penpal: Electric Tiki Design. Electric Tiki sends SlayAlive Forum an e-mail with some info on their upcoming Buffy line.

March 06 2007

Tooned-Up Buffy statue previews including preliminary sketches for Buffy and little "teaser" images of what may be the final designs for animated-style statues of Buffy, Willow and Caleb.

November 03 2006

New Line of Buffy Statues. A new line of Buffy statues is coming from Electric Tiki. They will be in an animated "Tooned" up style.

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