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February 15 2014

Elisabeth Rohm is part of TNT's new pilot "Guilt by Association". She's once again playing a tough-as-nails but by-the-book LAPD detective, this time named Bailey Keller.

February 01 2008

FX 2008 panel with Fillion, Rohm, and Brendon. Serenity Stuff has this video from a panel last month featuring Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Rohm, and Nicholas Brendon. More...

January 24 2008

Whedonverse Panel at FX International this Sunday. Nathan Fillion, Nicholas Brendon and Elisabeth Rohm will all be at FX International this weekend in Orlando, FL. More...

September 19 2007

Christian Kane, Mercedes McNab, Elisabeth Rohm, Michael Muhney & Ellen Muth coming to Australia in October! The Hub Productions have just announced their fifth guest for the October 27/28 convention happening in Sydney and Melbourne. More...

September 03 2007

Pics of the Buffyverse cast at Dragon*Con. If you didn't get to go at the weekend, now's your chance to gaze at some lovely pics of James Marsters, Elisabeth Rohm, Ken Feinberg and Juliet Landau (courtesy of RavenU). More...

August 08 2007

Elisabeth Rohm's Wedding Plans. Elisabeth Rohm (who played Kate on Angel) discusses her engagement to entrepreneur Ron Wooster. Also, some career news: "Rohm, who left Law & Order after four seasons, will appear opposite Lost's Terry O'Quinn on the ABC Miniseries Masters of Science Fiction on Saturday."

September 04 2006

TV Guide interview with Elisabeth Rohm about her new movie Amber's Story. She mentions David Boreanaz and her time on Angel, and mentions that she is friends with him to this day. Its a very interesting interview, especially considering what she says about Bones. More...

September 02 2006

"Amber's Story" starring Elisabeth Rohm airs Sept 4th. This original Lifetime TV movie is based on the true story of Amber Hagerman. Whose kidnapping created a national system for missing children known as the AMBER Alert program. More...

August 04 2006

Elisabeth Rohm and Sean Astin to star in upcoming "Masters of Science Fiction" series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the six-episode anthology series is filming in Vancouver for airing during the upcoming 2006-07 season on ABC. More...

May 06 2006

Boreanaz and Rohm slated to attend the Farm Sanctuary's Gala. Celebrating on May 20th its 20th anniversary as the first established shelter for farm animals, as well as working to help create laws to ban cruel factory farming practices.

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