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June 27 2017

Eliza Dushku's 'The Saint' pilot to get released on Digital HD/VOD. It'll be available on July 11th.

May 04 2017

Sneak Peek of Eliza Dushku on Bull. Her first of a 3 episode arc airs on May 9th.

April 24 2017

Eliza Dushku to star in 'The Black Company' series adaptation. She will play The Lady.

March 23 2017

Eliza Dushku joins CBS' 'Bull'. She will have a 3 episode arc beginning May 9th with the possibility of a promotion to series regular for Season 2.

June 16 2016

Eliza Dushku joins Con Man Season 2. Much fun was had on Twitter about it yesterday.

April 03 2016

Eliza Dushku's ass-kicking days are not over. Good to hear.

February 03 2016

Eliza Dushku speaks at Bernie Sanders event. Mentions fighting demons, slaying vampires, and something scary: paying college bills.

October 10 2015

Eliza Dushku and Ivana Milicevic talk about female roles in genre at NYCC. The Whedonverse alums discuss their roles on Cinemax's Banshee and discuss women role models in fiction and their work on BtVS is also mentioned. More...

October 09 2015

Video of Eliza Dushku's panel at New York Comic Con. This took place yesterday.

March 23 2015

Wisdom in tow, Eliza Dushku comes home. She spoke about Dollhouse and more at a recent event at Boston University.

December 29 2014

Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku! All she wants for her birthday is for you to give to Gulu. For Faith, Echo and Eliza!

December 18 2014

A review of the Buffy Fanmeet with Eliza Dushku, Nick Brendon and James Marsters. It's a very good read with some nice tidbits from the actors' Q&As.

November 03 2014

Eliza Dushku robbed at Rhode Island Comic Con. So sorry that this happened in my home state, but I'm glad she got her stuff back! More...

March 07 2014

Eliza Dushku on strong female roles, comic conventions and her charity work. She's appearing at the Toronto Comicon this weekend.

February 07 2014

Eliza Dushku, Bradley Whitford and Joel David Moore join Gregg Allman biopic 'Midnight Rider'. The movie is expected to be shooting this month in Savannah, Georgia. More...

January 10 2014

Eliza Dushku on voicing She-Hulk, kicking cartoon butt and the Faith spinoff. She talked to HuffPost Canada TV about her role in Marvel's animated series, "Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.".

November 21 2013

Eliza Dushku chats about playing Faith. She'll be appearing at the Boston Super Megafest this weekend. Another recent interview with Eliza, where she talks about her Camp Hale work, can be found at the Boston Herald.

October 28 2013

Eliza Dushku cast in new indie drama. Looks like she'll be playing the older sister of a girl with Asperger's who is searching for a boyfriend.

August 27 2013

Eliza Dushku is one of the new Time Angels on 'NTSF: SD: SUV::'. The episode airs at 12:15 a.m. this Friday on Adult Swim.

August 20 2013

Eliza Dushku to be at HellMouth convention in Paris. That'll be in April of next year. The website for the convention can be found here.

April 20 2013

Eliza Dushku, a Watertown native, tweets about events in her city. Eliza, a proud Bostonian, offers her thoughts and concerns about her family as police events develop close to her mom's house.

April 07 2013

Eliza Dushku and Morena Baccarin scheduled to appear on The Nerdist. The Slayer and the Space Geisha will be guests on Chris Hardwick's talk show May 4th and May 18th, respectively. More...

April 01 2013

First look at Eliza Dushku in 'The Saint'. Deadline has a trailer for the show.

March 21 2013

Eliza Dushku signed up for Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie. As confirmed by Kevin Smith on Twitter, Eliza will voice a character in the upcoming, animated feature. Fair warning, the film is NOT for young audiences.

March 19 2013

Eliza Dushku to appear at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. There will be autograph sessions and photo ops, as well as a Q and A panel. Nathan Fillion has already been announced for this event.

March 10 2013

Eliza Dushku will be on AMC's Talking Dead tonight. Eliza will be joining Keegan-Michael Key and Walking Dead cast member Lauren Cohan to discuss tonight's new episode with host Chris Hardwick at 10pm.

February 18 2013

3rd Annual Streamy Awards took place yesterday. Leap Year, in which Eliza Dushku and Emma Caulfield guest-starred, won a 'Best Branded Entertainment Series' award. More...

December 29 2012

Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku! She who brought us Faith and Echo aims "to bring beautiful LIGHT and LOVE to Gulu." Grant her birthday wish?

November 01 2012

Eliza Dushku Q&A from Austin Comic-Con. She talks about Dollhouse, Buffy, and Angel, among other things.

October 05 2012

Eliza Dushku's 'My Console' music video. Lots and lots of swearing.

September 12 2012

Dollhouse Season One Fan Trailer. A really well made fan trailer for the first season of Dollhouse. I would highly recommend this guy's Youtube channel for all Whedonverse fans. He's got alot of great stuff from all of Joss' work.

July 31 2012

More video from Eliza Dushku's THRIVEGulu event with Joss Whedon. "What's Trending" brings coverage of last week's fundraiser, including nearly five-minutes of video from THRIVEGulu.

July 26 2012

30 seconds of Joss Whedon at Eliza Dushku's THRIVEGulu fundraiser. Spotted this short clip on Twitter, and thought it might serve as a way into discussing tonight's charity meet and greet Thursday night in San Francisco for THRIVEGulu. ETA: Some of the Q&A can be found here. ETA: And the first five minutes. More...

July 06 2012

Tickets go on sale for the Eliza Dushku/Joss Whedon cocktail meet-and-greet. It'll set you back $300 (late bird) or $200 (early bird) a ticket plus fee. All of the ticket sales will be donated will be donated to Thrive Gulu (a not-for-profit organization that is building and operating a trauma healing and reflection center in Gulu, northern Uganda).

July 02 2012

Cocktail meet-and-greet with Eliza Dushku and Joss Whedon. An opportunity to attend such on Thursday, July 26, in San Francisco. Tickets, according to Eliza's Facebook, go on sale this Friday. More...

June 28 2012

AfterElton's 2012 Hot 100 features several familiar faces. Also check out AfterEllen's Hot 100 for a few more Whedony people. More...

June 18 2012

Eliza Dushku's bold 'Leap' online. She chats to The Insider about her upcoming guest stint on the webseries Leap Year, Buffy reunions, her Kickstarter project and Dollhouse being similar to The Avengers.

June 10 2012

Eliza Dushku fundraising to complete documentary on her Albania travels. Says the Kickstarter: "With production complete and over 20+ hours of footage in our hands, we need YOU to help us get through the edit and delivery of our documentary to non-profit public television networks."

May 14 2012

Full video of Equality Now's 20th anniversary event, with Joss Whedon material. The entire event from April 19 of this year has been posted by Equality Now. Joss Whedon wrote several bits, and Eliza Dushku appears. Includes the ability to skip directly to any given segment. More...

May 09 2012

Dawn and Faith reunite. Eliza Dushku and Michelle Trachtenberg begin production on thriller "The Scribbler."

April 18 2012

Eliza Dushku voicing She-Hulk. Eliza Dushku will voice Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk for upcoming animated series 'Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H'.

April 12 2012

Eliza Dushku and Emma Caulfield to guest star on Leap Year Season 2. TubeFilter has a video interview with Eliza chatting about her role on the web series.

February 07 2012

The 25 Hottest Women On Horror TV Shows. Gellar in #19 and Dushku in #9, the sexiest Vampire Slayers ever placed alongside names such as Deborah Ann Woll and Madchen Amick.
Sonic Youth frontman Moore names new band after Eliza Dushku. A little tongue-in-cheek but you never know! More...

December 30 2011

Happy Birthday, Eliza Dushku! Faith/Echo turns 31 and celebrates with a fundraiser for former child soldiers and victims of war.

December 03 2011

Eliza Dushku's birthday wish. For her birthday she wants help to raise money for THARCE-Gulu. Her goal is $31,000. Will you help? More...

October 11 2011

(SPOILER) A Clip from the Catwoman Animated Short, featuring Eliza Dushku. It will appear on the Batman Year One DVD/Blu-Ray. More...

September 17 2011

Eliza Dushku among keynote speakers webcast live at 10am ET. The Millenium Campus Conference at Harvard is broadcasting their session of keynote speakers live from 10am - Noon ET. Eliza is among several featured speakers.

September 12 2011

Eliza Dushku on Plus One Per Diem! Eliza joins the podcast 59 minutes into episode 74 (Friday, 9/9/2011). She sits down with Kevin Smith, Jennifer Schwalbach and Jason Mewes to talk about her career (including Buffy and Dollhouse), travel, charity and her documentary on Albania. More...

September 04 2011

Up close and personal with Tahmoh Penikett. It's an interview with him from Dragon*Con. And highlights of the Dollhouse panel he did with Eliza can be found here.

August 30 2011

An open letter to the Daily Mail by Eliza Dushku. She takes the newspaper to task for their recent article regarding Hayden Panettiere charging money for autographs at a con.

August 29 2011

Eliza Dushku added as a last minute guest at Dragon Con. The annual convention in Atlanta, Georgia USA is being held this year September 2-5.

August 09 2011

Eliza Dushku Talks Batman: Year One. talks to Eliza about voicing Catwoman in the recent animated adaptation. More...

August 04 2011

Eliza Dushku talks about her guest spot on "White Collar" and tries to answer the question of which character she'd like to play again. About such character she says: "People to this day tell me the impression she made on them personally, so of course I want to give them some more of her at some point, if I ever can".

July 28 2011

(SPOILER) Preview for Eliza Dushku's episode of White Collar. 'On The Fence' airs next Tuesday.

July 24 2011

Eliza Dushku on Catwoman and her Comic-Con costume of choice. Video interview courtesy of SFX.

July 15 2011

Eliza Dushku gets a Tumblr! Eliza posted the link to her Tumblr on her Facebook account.

July 07 2011

Torchwood: Web of Lies now available on iTunes USA. The 10-part companion to "Torchwood: Miracle Day" is billed as an "episodic interactive experience that fuses incredible motion comic graphics and gameplay to tell a digital-exclusive Torchwood story". More...

June 21 2011

Torchwood: Web of Lies format details. If this report is the totality of it, the ancillary to Miracle Day, featuring Eliza Dushku, will arrive in the form of an iOS app. First part free, all ten parts for $2.99. Not so much the "web series" people keep referring to it as.

June 08 2011

Eliza Dushku and others talk about "Batman: Year One" animated movie. Eliza Dushku has been cast as Selina Kyle in the new animated Batman movie adapted from the acclaimed classic Frank Miller comic book, and she can here be seen talking about the character and movie. Or so I've been told. ETA: It looks like the video has been removed due to copyright reasons.

June 04 2011

Eliza Dushku tweets "White Collar" photo. Tru & Luc together again. <3

June 02 2011

Eliza Dushku to star in online "motion comic" series of Torchwood. "Titled Torchwood: Web of Lies, Dushku will be front and center in the short-form story". More...

May 31 2011

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku to guest star on 'White Collar'. Some hints and spoilers in this THR article about Eliza's upcoming guest star appearance.

May 27 2011

New Faith Polystone Statue from Sideshow Collectibles. Full reveal on 5/31 with pre-orders starting 6/2. A very good likeness of Eliza Dushku. More...

May 24 2011

Eliza Dushku to appear at SFX Canada convention in Toronto. The convention (among the largest sci-fi conventions in North America) will run from August 25-28 this year.

May 19 2011

Eliza Dushku wants girls admitted to Camp Hale. Having co-presented a check to the camp's parent organization, she expressed her goal to open the camp (which her brothers attended) to girls. In addition, she and her family are launching a foundation to fund other charitable initiatives. See also the Boston Globe.

May 13 2011

One Shot with Eliza Dushku - video. And there's a behind the scenes, too.
Eliza Dushku to appear in 'Torchwood: Web of Lies' online series? Jane Espenson drops some hints.

May 10 2011

Eliza Dushku planning live video chat with fans today. It's at 5pm PST, which is 90 minutes from this post. As announced on Eliza Dushku's Facebook page.

May 08 2011

Dollhouse S2 Blu-Ray for $22.49 on, DVD for $16.99. The Dollhouse S2 Blu-Ray is available at Amazon for $22.49! The DVD is also on sale for $16.99. No word on how long this'll be up. I've already pounced!

April 20 2011

Eliza Dushku is Catwoman in Batman: Year One. It's an animated adaptation of Frank Miller's comic book.

March 23 2011

Eliza Dushku lands CBS pilot. According to her Facebook page: "It is with insanest excitement & awesomeness I get to finally fill you guys in: I've JUST landed a new CBS comedy pilot w/ my comic idol Mr. Damon Wayans! Stay tuned, there is a serious happy dance occurring at the moment ;) xx!"

March 20 2011

Dollhouse C2E2 Q&A Panel. A mini-Dollhouse reunion went down with Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett at the Chicago C2E2 comicon.

March 15 2011

Eliza Dushku: "It's not just about focusing on yourself". Great interview with Eliza where she talks about dealing with the pressure to be thin in Hollywood, and the project to build a healing center in Uganda. More...

March 12 2011

Eliza Dushku on Facebook Live - recording. I've changed a link to a recording.

February 25 2011

NY Times Arts Beat interview with Eliza Dushku. "The Lady Is a Champ: Eliza Dushku Goes a Few Rounds With Fight Night Champion".

February 23 2011

25 Things You Don't Know About Eliza Dushku. According to More...

February 10 2011

Watch Eliza Dushku talk about the role of the celebrity online. She's on a Twiistup panel right now chatting about celebrities as brands. It's been streamed online at TechZulu (pic). More...

January 19 2011

And the Hottest Babe of Horror Is... Our Favourite Rogue Slayer Faith!

January 06 2011

Hottest Babes of Horror Contest. Eliza is currently winning against Danielle Harris.

December 30 2010

Happy birthday Eliza Dushku. Her birthday wish came true!

December 21 2010

'Dollhouse' episode 'Getting Closer' makes The AV Club's 45 Standout Episodes of 2010. The AV Club recently featured the Top 25 shows of 2010, these are great episodes from shows that didn't make that list. Are they banoonoos for not including 'Dollhouse' in the first place ? You decide.

December 16 2010

Eliza Dushku in TV Guide's "Worst of 2010" list. She is on the list for her guest spot on The Big Bang Theory.

December 11 2010

New Dollhouse One-Shot. Things from Another World (TFAW) now has the Dollhouse One-Shot available for pre-order with a release date of March 30th, 2011. Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen will be writing the one-shot and the Dollhouse comic series that follows. More...

December 06 2010

Eliza Dushku no longer starring in "Bird Dog" pilot for TNT. According to her Facebook page - "Hey guys! News to report~ We have mutually & AMICABLY decided to part ways on "Bird Dog" due to creative differences. No worries/fears/tears!"

November 29 2010

Eliza Dushku lands TNT pilot. Bird Dog, from longtime television director Mike Robe, casts Dushku as a cop who solves mysteries with her cop pop.

November 25 2010

Dollhouse: Season One DVD for $10.99 on I was looking at some stuff online and I found out that Dollhouse is $10.99 on Amazon, best buy I've seen in a long time for a season.

November 17 2010

Whedonverse Car: Coming Soon to a Street Near You. Eliza just Tweeted this. Awesome.

November 10 2010

Dollhouse Extravaganza! Let's surround ourselves with Joss Whedon-ensued conversations from the fan's point of view in this podcast from SeriesPass! Join J&C in their Dollhouse extravaganza!

November 09 2010

Highlights from Creation's Weekend of Whedon event. Whedonopolis has write-ups and pics from Q&As with Eliza Dushku, Nick Brendon, Ron Glass, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher and Camden Toy and Doug Jones. More...

November 08 2010

Wet 2 confirmed. I would assume Eliza is on board for this, although there's no mention of her.

November 04 2010

(SPOILER) Tonight on US network tv - a Whedonverse guest star extravaganza. Eliza Dushku is on 'The Big Bang Theory' at 8pm EST on CBS, Amber Benson guests on 'Grey's Anatomy' at 9pm EST on ABC followed by Nick Brendon appearing on 'Private Practice' at 10.01 pm EST.

November 03 2010

(SPOILER) Eliza Dushku goes for big laughs on The Big Bang Theory. A TV Guide interview with Eliza on her Big Bang guest appearance.
Creation convention for Firefly, Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse this weekend in LA. Guests include Jane Espenson, Drew Greenberg, Andrew Chambliss, Jose Molina, Miracle Laurie, Morena Baccarin, Sean Maher, Nick Brendon, Eliza Dushku and Ron Glass.

October 30 2010

(SPOILER) Trailer for Eliza Dushku's 'The Big Bang Theory' episode. The episode airs this Thursday.

October 29 2010

Eliza Dushku interview at Wonder Woman, Dollhouse, Ghostbusters 3 and much more get discussed.

October 28 2010

(SPOILER) Promo pics of Eliza Dushku on 'Big Bang Theory'. She is playing an FBI Agent. The episode titled 'The Apology Insuffiency' airs on November 4th.

October 21 2010

Eliza hasn't discussed Avengers with Joss but knows who she wants to play. MTV continues their interviews with Eliza for the Dollhouse season 2 DVD release (on 'Ghostbusters 3', on 'True Lies 2'), with an interview about The Avengers!
Eliza meets the Geeks. First image from the November 4th episode of The Big Bang Theory guest-starring Eliza Dushku.

October 19 2010

Eliza Dushku talks about the Dollhouse comic books. Despite only just finding out about them, she thinks it's cool.

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