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October 31 2016

Video of Eliza Dushku's "Working with Joss Whedon" panel at Paris Comic Con. This was held two weekends ago. It's a good watch. There's some interesting insights into Dollhouse's ratings.

April 16 2009

(SPOILER) IGN coverage of the Dollhouse panel at PaleyFest. The first page has interviews with Miracle and Dichen, the second has interviews with Eliza and Joss (and also contains the much bandied about spoilers for 'Epitaph One'). And Zap2it has a similar feature with indications from Joss and co on how season 2 might look.

April 10 2009

(SPOILER) Discuss the ninth episode of Dollhouse. Eliza Dushku stars in "A Spy In The House Of Love", the best titled Dollhouse episode to date. And if you missed it, the episode is now available to watch for free at Fox On Demand and Hulu and can be purchased at iTunes. More...

December 04 2008

Want to ask the Dollhouse cast and crew a question? E! Online's Kristin is visiting the set very soon (today) and is looking for questions to ask Joss, Eliza and Tahmoh. So if you have a question for them then email More...

September 16 2008

Dollhouse is not in danger says Eliza. She tells The Boston Globe, "We, the network, and FOX all are PSYCHED for the next episode... It's beyond dope".

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